Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swimming Thoughts

On the beginning of term 4 we had a mysterious thing on our netball courts kids and parents were very exited. That mysterious thing was a big pool. Pt England kids were extremely happy to swim in it. The first class to swim in the pool was Rm 23. On Tuesdays we room 14 swim, when we went into the pool the water was icy cold. But there was one more thing a man came and said ‘’Hi’’ and introduce his name his name was Chris. 1 week later Chris said that there was water polo, snorkeling and life surfing coming soon and said to chose one of them I chose water polo. On Tuesday it was water polo day and swimming, Tuesdays were my day at water polo two men called Ben and Matt was our teachers for water polo. First we had to get into teams like 1 2 3 4. 1 and 2 had to put on caps and hop in the pool 3 and 4 had to sit outside for there turns. When it was our turn I was goal keeper, Litia and Tui was cheering for me. Mat and Ben told us what to do and this is what we did we had to catch the ball with one hand the goal keeper had to catch the ball with 2 hands. Matt was our ref the first thing that the ref does is blow the whistle and the teams have to swim to the ball. Lunch was over out we go and change. “That was fun” I shouted.


Monday, November 29, 2010

My Bug

Last week Rm 14 drew a bug to learn more about . That critter was a Queen Bee with a blue mark. After drawing it we had to out line our picture with a black crayon. Dying was the funnest bit of the Art work. When it had dried up, Miss King glued it on to a black paper to display.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Nocturnal predators like scorpions have narrow curved tails that injects venom to paralyse thier opponents. Scorpions with sharp pincers defends itself and hunts at night. Did you know that deathstalker scorpions are the most dangerous?
The scorpion has three body parts which are called head, abdomen and thorax. Scorpions live in the Sahara desert that dry. They also have 8 legs and compound eyes which actually cant see that well.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Monarch Butterfly

During a warm sunny day there was a butterfly that was laying a egg. Seven days later the egg hatched into a caterpillar. The baby caterpillar was hungry it went and looked for its food.
Caterpillars eat milk weeds to get fat and they need allot of food to transform. They eat milk leaves that are milk weeds because if its enemy eats them the milk weeds that they ate when they were little caterpillars will make the enemy spit them out and the enemy will never taste a butterfly again. As it turns into a chrysalis it wait for two weeks.
After not moving in the chrysalis for two weeks the caterpillar has transformed into a beautiful butterfly. As it comes out it waits for its wings to dry up before it can explore. When it wings dry it is able to have pretty and cool adventures.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Cockroaches are scavengers that scurry for leftovers and spread disease. They are house hold pests and
people find them loathsome and obnoxious. They also have antenna that sense vibration and hunt out food.

The disgusting and replusive cockroach are quick as lightening as they scavenge for food. Spreading
disease, the loathsome cockroach scurrys for leftovers. They are house hold pests but are useful , as
they clean up messes in the ecosystem.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Honey Bee

Honey bees flit their wings as they zigzag and dodge through the leaves, to collect precious nector. Each bee appears out of control with its four wings buzzingand spinning. Sidesteping from one flower to the next the Honey bee collect pollen. Nectar is a special source of food for bees and once turned into honey is also good for human health.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three Small Cards

Today Miss King gave us instructions to pick three small cards, an adjective, a verb and an adverb to write our own three made up sentences. Each time we had to use the same set of cards and keep the same essential meaning.

Joyfully, the naughty boy challenged me at gymnastics.
Joyfully challenging a naughty boy at gymnastics, was really easy.
Today I am joyfully challenging a naughty boy at gymnastics.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake, born in 1540 in England, was a very bold and brilliant sailor. Queen Elizabeth 1st gave a lot of encouragement to Sir Francis and he made England become a major sea power. He was the first Englishman to sail around the world in his ship the Golden Hinde.
Drake started his voyage from England, passed through the Magellan strait into the Pacific Ocean and along the western shores of the Americas, into Asia and returned back to Britian 3 years later. Francis brought with him a lot of treasure and spices. Queen Elizabeth 1st was so happy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cross Country

Nervously waiting on the cold hard concrete, I challenged myself to beat my mates at today's cross country. Cold and rainy weather made me shiver with cold as I ran through the puddles and my feet turned numb. My continual stopping, meant that I was falling behind the others. While I was running, I imagined myself coming first, feeling happy and tired. Crossing the finish line was so easy, but I was dizzy and exhausted too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The dumbest thing I ever done is

I knew at the time it was stupid, but the dumbest thing I have ever done is pee my pants at the rugby field, while I was watching my brother play. You see the toilets at the rugby field were messy, ugly, disgusting and scary. I was so afraid that I needed my big sister Lia to come with me. unfortunately she wasnt so nice and I had no choice, I peed my pants right there. I told my Mum and Dad and we had to hop back in the van and go home. We left my big brother behind. I had to sit in the back by myself because no one wanted to sit next to me. When we arrived back home I had a nice warm relaxing shower.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ferdiand Magellan

Ferdiand Magellan was born in 1480 in Portugal, after having disagreements with the government he decided he would sail for Spain. He went to the king of Spain and asked him for money and a boat. The King told him to find another trade route to India because the Portugese were blocking the known route around Africa.
In 1519 Magellan took The Victoria and sailed across the Magellan strait and in to the Pacific Ocean. He had discovered the New Ocean which was very peaceful; thats why he called it the Pacific Ocean. He was the first to cross the Atlantic Ocean and in to the Pacific Ocean. When Magellan stopped in the Phillipines to have a break, the local tribes attacked them and Magellan tragically died. He was never able to finish his voyage, however his crew finished the voyage and the Victoria was the first ship to circumnavigate the world.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Christopher Columbus

In the 1400s Christopher Columbus wanted to sail around the world to get to India he asked the government if he could borrow a boat and some money to sail to India. Columbus had a hard time finding someone to help him. Eventually the king said “Yes,But you have to make Spain look good”.So he went with his crew and set off to the west. A few weeks later they found land and said ”We have found India”.But actually they hadn’t, they had in fact discovered the Americans. So he sailed back to Spain and told the king.

My Pirate Nicky Nike Sword

This is my movie about Nicky Nike Sword on her ship sailing on shore.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Trip story

As I was sailing, gale force winds were lashing my hair and icy raindrops were biting my face. Heaving with all our might, Room14 struggled, trying their very best to raise the sails.
While we were sailing, I saw wake trailing behind us, lapping against the boat.

Our Pirate Wordle

These stories that we wrote in our google docs were all about pirates to tell our audience information about them. This Wordle tells us what words we used the most in our stories. The words that we mostly used were, pirate, hat and sword to make our stories interesting. We had so much fun making a Wordle.

The Most Dangerous Volcano

Wow! Making a volcano was really going to be exiting. We got into partners, we were ready to go and make a such exciting volcano. First we made dough, then made it into a volcano shape. After we shaped our volcano we thought we could do better so we made a perfect shaped volcano. The part we all did well was making a river, trees, clouds and creating the scene. I learned how to make and create other things. To change things next time I will work harder to get higher points and take turns with my partner and help.
Mary L

My Justin Biebier story

Justin Biebier was born on March 1st 1994 in Canada. His popularity grew from singing on stage. As Justin Biebier grew up he taught himself how to play drums, piano, guitar and trumpet for the local singing competitions. He was discovered when his mum posted videos on YouTube of him singing R&B songs for her family to watch.

I am making movies Awards

We entered the 'I am making movies' competition, that was run by our Auckland Museum. We won the creative story telling section! This movie is from the Awards evening, held yesterday at the Auckland Museum. You will see here our year 7 Kapahaka group who opened the evening. This is followed by us - the talented Room 14 Actors who were in the winning movie. Thanks to all the fantastic people who helped us with this movie. Click here to watch our movie.
Dillon, James, Kingston P, Mary L, Osana, Ramona, Room 14, Samuela

He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

We made this movie as part of a competition for the Auckland Museum. Lots of schools from all over Auckland entered the competition. We were delighted to find out that we had made the finals. We got to go to the awards ceremony at the museum too. Keisha Castle-Hughes even gave out the prizes!
The idea of our movie is that even though technology has changed throughout the years, people are still the most important thing in our lives.
All of us enjoyed making the movie. We were so excited to find out that we had won the most Creative Storytelling category. We think our movie is just AWESOME - What do you think?
Dillon, Hosannah, James, Kingston P, Mary L, Osana, Ramona

Active Earth

It was so much fun making an animation on my own without any help. Also I learnt how to make my person run and make my volcano erupt inside and outside. I really enjoy making animations.

Iron Brion

Yesterday, in the morning we went to a special assembly called Iron Brian to learn about healthy food and iron. While Eddie cooked the burgers Sarah and I.B were telling the audience which food to eat the most. After that we did the I.B exercise and had a challange against the Iron Team and we were called the Protein Team. When we finished I.B shouted out the winner loud so that we could all hear ,and that winner was the Protein Team.

Our Volcano Song

Take a look at our cool song. Listen carefully - our lyrics have been carefully written and we are proud of our song.
by Jessica, Maru, Mary L, Sesalina

Play Sensible Games

The girls have been learning about how to play sensible games at school and how this idea keeps everybody happy and safe.
by Jessica, Maru, Mary L, Sesalina

Favourite Thing at Camp - March 24 2010

Climbing the stairs I felt like I would never have a turn. My skin was shivering cold as I watched the boys going down the dark hole, with water splashing around them. When it was my turn I waited for the green light to come on. As it finally lit up I slid and screamed down the dark tunnel. As I screamed and slid down that dark tube I saw a bright light come nearer, I knew it was the end. SPLASH! The water splattered all over my face.

Camp Thoughts - March 16 2010

My Waka Adventure Animation - February

I learnt about the moari people were sailing in the waka to find another country to live there and have a good life. It was a hard and rough journey over the ocean.

February 2010 in Room 14

Have a great year in Room 14 Mary!