Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day1, My Two Precious Books

RING, RING!, the bell rang I quickly ran to my class and started of the line we waited patiently for our teacher and in the distance I spotted her. She walked towards to the door and opened it I asked her nicely “Do I and Brooklyn and Huelo-ata go to Mr Munik” she replied back “No we got duffy assembly”. I silently said YES! in my head and she told me that we were going to meet the Linda Vagana the netball star who plays for Silverfernz I was shocked that a famous person is coming like Mayor Len Brown did. We waited until it was time few minutes went by, we rushed up into a line and started to walk to the hall we sat down, after listening to thier stories Adian in my class and grabbed the box.

To Be Continued

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

R.I.P Joanna Ramos

At the end of February this year there was a fight in the alley in America between two girls over a boy one was a 10 year old and the other one was a 11 year old, both attended at Willard Elementary School where Joanna Ramos attended 5th grade. It was a tragic story because one of them had a head injury after her fight and moaned it was hurting. Joanna, who would have turned 11 on March 12, underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot on her brain late Friday after she began vomiting and complained of a headache. Investigators have not figured out  or details of what have led such injury.

After surgery the doctor said she was still alive, and then a few minutes later he comes back and tells her family that her heart stopped and they couldn't bring her back. They made a memorial near the steps in front of her school with balloons, cards and photos of her, friends and family missing her so much wishing that she wasn’t dead. Really hope the Ramos family heals and that Joanna is watching them up in heaven.

If you want to read another story about Joanna Ramos tragic story go on to my good friend Ramona’s blog her website is Please leave feedback if I need to work on something and thank-you for reading.

Car Boot Sale Reflection

Last week Saturday there was a Car Boot Sale at the Pt England School car park and I went to participate. It was to fundraise money for the Yr 7 and 8 camp and I hoped that they enjoyed it much more then I did. The best selling item from our options was the raffle ticket for the basket full of easter eggs (delicious). I was quite surprised how much we made and I also was surprised how delicious the year 7 and 8 extension store had a lot of yummy cakes and cupcakes. At the end of the Car Boot sale we announced the winner for the raffle ticket and guess who won it was Matthew R from school it was a little bit sad for the people who was not lucky enough but I hope they did enjoy having fun.

Parents started packing up their things and head of home and it was also getting late I started walking home but before heading home I said goodbyes to my friends. I hoped we made enough money to pay off. I also want to give a big thanks to the people that participated in the Car Boot sale and also brought stuff we really appreciate.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carboot Sale Thoughts

Today I have been thinking about the Car-boot Sale tomorrow at the Pt England car park at 8am to 12pm for the year 7 and 8 camp. I hope that a lot of people come along and donate money and I am also excited to help out in the stores and make the customers happy. Hope things go well to the other stores and also people have fun co-operating. God bless the people that come and participate buying things, I also think that we might call it a day after it finishes.

Can’t wait till tomorrow and hope people do buy stuff, but the most important thought is that we have fun.

Seeing The Warriors

At Swimmarama we saw the Warriors it was a surprise and really made the girls plush. The year 7 and 8 travelled up and down following the them and yelling at Kevin Lock to jump in the water but he was sick. They were exercising and after a while they were leaving and then Ahsin started of the haka and then the finishing touch Ahsin wiggled his hands side to side and Shaun Johnson coped laughing at him. Shaun Johnson walked off and I yelled to him “Bye Shaun Johnson and he did the peace sign to me and I plushed away.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert

We arrived at the hall all assembled in our team lines ready for our Camp Concert. I was really excited to see the other teams perform but on the other hand I had a nerve-wracking feeling to perform in front of them. The stunning and magnificent host that announced things was Mr Barks, but after welcoming the teams he announced the first crew to go on the stage to entertain the audience. The judges were April, Bruce and also Shatna, and the first crew to perform was Team Respect, my crew, and I was really not looking forward to it.

Walking up to the stage and hearing people yelling out my name, I silently tell myself to don’t be shy I waited until Chante, Aliza and Hainite to sing there lullaby, two minutes went by. Our song came up Countdown By Beyonce we ran to the stage and started dancing I was really into it but then it was over. Suddenly Super star started playing the boys came out posing like girls acting so funny they laughed and laughed at the boys after a while the boys had two turns posing the whole crew gathered and danced together.

We silently walked off the stage and assembled into our group lines, Mr Barks popped up and congratulated Vivienne for pegging a lot of tents and had little prizes and we earned a lot of points. After watching the group's perform we went back to our tents and got ready for a good night sleep.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Camp Reflection Day 1

It has been the first camp of 2012 and so far camp has been going great and the activities we have done has taught us manners and also skills. Our aim to become the 2012 camp winners is to learn how to respect everyone and work as a team. This is going to be a great opportunity for Team Respect and the leaders for the group is Mino and Cruz and they have been doing a great job getting us into lines.

My favourite activity of the day was playing Amazing Race because we had fun running around Pt England and also on the streets to grab every item and finding out what we were going to built. My crew Chante, Mubba, Jay Lee and Vivienne split up to grab the five items and then met up again at the fire place. We arrived at the fire place and started off building a mini teepee out of wood to keep the fire rising. At the end we didn’t get to eat the egg because one of my group members tipped the tin over, but it was alright.

I can’t wait for day 2 to do the next set of activities. Its going to be awesome!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Picnic Adventure

It was a early sunny day but then it turned dark and dripping down to earth was rain but after a while the hot sun raised and lite up the hole school and that showed a good sign that we were going to have the picnic.

“Ding, ding!” the bell rang the school gathered in and were organized for a fun adventure at the picnic. We arrived at the beach ready to have a spectacular time, it  was a beauty the shore was pimped and the water was clear. There were expressions about the beach and everyone wanted to have there freedom but not yet. Mr Burt had to explain Pt England about boundary rules and what we were aloud to do I had feeling it was going to be the best picnic.

Finally we were realised to go lurking to set bags, we found the place right under a enormous tree it was a pretty view with the water swishing up and down the shore. I was full with excitement, so instead of putting my bag down gently I chucked it and ran to the softball equipment. Time went past really quickly and it was coming to the end our fun. I also didn't get a chance to play any other sport because I to busy learning skills about softball. Mr Burt gathered the school in and was telling us we did great, we gathered our stuff and head back to school.

I was exhausted and hot and it was also going to be the end of the picnic. It turned out to be the best picnic ever and I LOVE PICNIC’S.