Monday, December 17, 2012

Nephew Avar

This year on August we had a new member welcomed to our family. His name is Avar and he is my little nephew the parents of this child, is my older sister Elizapetie and Munish. In the photo it shows 'Avar' after getting delivered and the next photo it shows 'Avar' in December. He is my little ninja and I love him heaps.

House Captains

Last week Friday Mrs Va'afusuanga announced the house captains for Tainui, Te Arawa, Takitemu and Matatuah. The house captains for Blue-Tainui was my good friends Huelo-ata and Carlos. The Te Arawa-Red captains are Kingston and Jay'lee. Takitemu captains are Mary I and Jesiah. The Matatuah captains are Alexandria and James.

These people were announced as house captains at assembly on Friday. I was so proud of my friend Huelo-ata , she worked hard. After assembly I congrated them, I hugged my friend Huelo Hoop.

Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Senior Prize giving

Yesterday night was our '2012 Senior Prize giving', I received a letter saying I was getting a award. It was hot inside the hall Mr Burt announced what was going to happen.

The prize I was getting was 100% Attended coming school everyday. But unsuspecting I got two more prize's first one was for Netball Reps and second one for a good Hospitality. My mum gave me lollies lays and ten bucks, she was proud of me and I was proud of me too.

It was time for our performance, I stood on my spot waiting for the music. In the last song the year 7's smiled cheerfully and my mother gave me another lollies lay. After our performance it was the year 8's getting prize's. The people that got most prize's was Lepa To'a and Toreka Tele'a.

Next was the prefects for next year, first up was the boys. The boy prefects are Raenan, Crusader, Darius and Gabriel, the girl prefects are Makerita, Vivienne, Brooklyn and Shoal. Next year they will be doing disco's, socials and other activities. After the prize giving I congratulated them with a hug and handshake.

I got home and enjoyed my peaceful sleep for the next day of school. I also dreamed about the lollies I got in prize giving and also made some goals for next year. Which were to get more prize's so I can get more lollies.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is the 12/12/12 a superstitions date.  People thought the world was going to end today but that was a load of rubbish. I had hope and faith in the Lord that it wasn't going to end. On the website's I searched up said that it was false that the world was ending. I want to thank the lord. According to things everyone is OK and getting on there life.

Me, Myself And I

This photo was captured by Toreka Tele'a when I jumped in front of the camera. It shows my joy.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Friends And I

These are my gorgeous friends from the right is Brooklyn, Selena, Makerita And I am the one with my arms covering my face.

Monday, December 10, 2012

My Future Career

For my future career I will like to be a Chef or Baker. Mostly I want to be a Baker because I love desserts and baking. I always bake at home all the time, and every time  I make new things the first person to try it, is my mum. I like to bake brownies mostly and my yummy cookies. If I was a chef I'll make my favourite Corn-Beef with rice 'Mm Yummy'. Sometimes for dinner my sister and I makes grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. My family loves my cooking and baking.

I also like to eat my cooking and baking. My favourite baking I ever baked was my Chunky brownies my family loves them too. My mother says I'm very good at baking and cooking and that I should keep it up. My mother will always beg for more and so I bake more to become complicated in baking. I LOVE to cook and bake and that's what I want to do for my career.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Term 4 Reflection

This term I have enjoyed everything and being a great friend to 6 good friends. I have enjoyed having Mrs Lagitupu as my teacher she is the best and awesome also funny. Greatest memory at school was performing in front of the little kids for our PEPA production. School was awesome best part of school was seeing my friends and also seeing the teachers. I have tried my best to get into extension, and I tried my best to be a good role model to become prefect.

I have been experiencing photographer, videographer, coffee bristar, rainy day monitor, greeting visitors and also being a great student. I have also enjoy doing all sort of jobs for Mr Burt. I loved having a netbook around to do work on and create or research. Hope next year I do better and work harder to achieve my goals. I also will like to become a good role model to little kids so they can grow up to become good and successful.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

This year I really enjoyed working on my netbook and doing all sort of school work. Its much easier for me to do writing, reading and maths. I’ve had some problems through the year, with my netbook but not that bad. The internet connection is fine sometimes it won’t work and bars are too low. TLN is a fast connection I really like that wireless. The netbook has helped me really well, helped me learn more maths by using math sites like Math whizz. Hope next year I look after my netbook really well and that I don’t break it.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Police Blue Light Disco

Last night was the blue light disco at the Pt England Hall. The Disco started at six pm until eight pm. I arrived at the footpath near the senior block, and on the way walking to the entrance I saw my best friend Makerita. She was walking with Jasmine and Tui. We walk through the entrance door and there standing next to the doors were Chante, Naomi, Dakota and Aliza. Before we walked into the disco we had to give our ticket that we brought with our Five dollars.

I walked into the hall and on the big screen was 'Police Blue Light Disco' I was excited. On the stage was Miracle as DJ and the prefects on the fall watching out for the kids. Everyone was inside the hall but before we were going to dance Mrs Tele'a gave us some instructions.

First song that played was Chris Brown - Go Away, which was my favourite song. Jay'lee and I danced so hard we were already tired. After a while we had a Limbo Challenge first was the year five and six, Winner of that competition was Jonathan  Next was the year sevens and eights, holding the stick was Joe and I, Winner of the competition was out of Samson and Nezinli.

My favourite part Dougie Challenge, everyone had fun and dougied well. After a few hours and minuets the lights turned on for our last songs. The last song was by T-Pain Church, I loved disco the best day ever.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2012

This week was the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. This year we didn’t make a movie because Mrs Lagitupu was to busy making other movies for other movie competition. Every once a year we always have the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park watching all sorts of movies on a BIG screen at Hoyts. For every movie there will be two or 1 presenters to give us a little info about their movie. My favourite movie was One Direction by TCTV my second favourite was The Test by Room 18 from Pt England. My good friends Reka and Rita were presenters for the extention movie they made ‘Pick A Path’.

At sylvia park there will be other schools there too, there was Panmure Bridge and Tamaki College. After we get seated we wait for the lights to turn off, then there will be a introduction. But before the manaiakalani film festival started Mr Dun from Tamaki College gave us instructions of what was going to happened. 20 movies were going to play from all sorts of different school around GI and Panmure. The lights turned on and it was time for intermediate kids to leave.

After the film festival was a bus ride back to school. That was my favourite bit at the end having a sleep on the bus. We parked up at school and everyone had already walked home, “HOMETIME!” I shouted and walked home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

It all started with a cold Thursday morning, the sun was out, the birds were tweeting. “ATHLETICS TODAY!” my brother shouts, “YAY!” I reply back. We arrived at school with our house colours TAINUI. I walked into the street where all the year eight’s and seven’s were. As I walked in I saw my good friend Vivienne. Every mornings my friends and I always walk around the school or stay in the street. RING, RING the bell rang. We all gathered onto the hard courts next to the pool. After listening to the instructions little Mr Jacobsen gave to us Athletics began.

Our first activity was Discuss with Mr Harris. After discus with Mr Harris, we move onto our other rotation which was High Jump with Miss King. High Jump was my favourite activity, I was the 2nd person to jump it was fun. Some people didn’t make it in and some did. On the 2nd jump nobody couldn’t jump the pole because it was too high, it was really disappointing.

We had finish doing high jump we went to Javelin with Mr Barks. For Javelin we use this spear to chuck and the person who gets furthest wins. I was coming 3rd but Nek Minute Stephanie beat me. Our next rotation was Softball, for softball you are throwing a ball as far as you could. The next rotation after softball was relays for fun. My favourite activity was the relays at the end of Athletics.

Athletics was fun and awesome, I loved it.


This was the most amazing thing that happened today. Today we had seen an awesome and amazing Eclipse which combined the Moon and Sun. In the morning the hole entire Intermediate Block ran outside to see the eclipse. This was a one life time thing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make A Teddy Bear

2 piece of Fabric
Pins and Needle
1 set of teddy eyes
Small Fabric for the nose
Teddy bear tin plate
Glue gun


Step 1:
Before you do anything you need to plan out your teddy bear and sketch it all on a piece of paper. After planning you get a piece of cardboard and shape your teddy bear the way you like and thats a tin plate.

Step 2:
Your two coloured fabrics, then we get our tinplate that is shaped as a teddy bear.

Step 2:
We put the teddy bear tin plate on top of your two coloured fabric and trace the tin plate onto the fabric. After you have traced the tin plate onto the fabric you move on to the face.

Step 3:
For the face you will need eyes, nose and a mouth. So you glue the eyes onto the face with a glue gun and you do the same with the nose. With the mouth you will knit the mouth on.

Step 4:
Moving on to the body we have finished with tracing our teddy bear tin plate, now we need to knit it up.

Step 9:
Before knitting you need to leave a hole so we can insert the stuffing into the teddy bear. After knitting around the outside and leaving a hole, you're going to insert the stuffing into the teddy bear.

Step 10:
The teddy bear isn’t finished yet, if you want you can design some clothes for it or you can decorate it with some ribbons or polka dots.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monke My Favourite Toy

When I was a young girl aged 4 I used to play with my stuffed monkey named ‘Monke’. It was called Monke because I couldn’t pronounce Monkey. Monke had a strap so whenever I go places he would come with me. The best memory I had with my little Monkey is when I was playing ‘Jungle’. I would always be jumping on the couch and Monke would be strapped on the handle. Monke didn’t really play that much because he was a stuffed animal.

When I would go to sleep I’d strap Monke around my neck to comfort me. Monke makes me feel happy because I always knew I wasn’t alone.  Whenever I couldn't find my monkey I would get really upset and cry to my mum. Without my monkey I would have nobody to play with because my oldest sisters didn’t like me hanging around them because I was ‘annoying’. I didn’t want to play with my eldest brother cause he was a boy and my younger brother was in my mummy’s tummy.

Monke was my only one and only stuffed toy I liked. I had only a small amount of teddies but the one that stood out the most was Monke. I loved my little Monkey, it was really special to me but one day it disappeared and my mum didn’t tell me where.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tragic Life

Once upon a time, there lived two young children named Lynn and Jack. They lived in a small village where people didn’t have much money. The village didn’t have much food, they had to look for their food in the forest. Lynn and Jack stays with their Grandparents Johnny and Yvonne in a small cottage. There mother Jenny died from giving birth to Jack, Peter the father of these children didn’t want them so he was going to adopt. The parents of Jenny didn’t want the kids to go thru a rough patch so they decided to take them in. Its been a few years since Jenny died and Peter left them, Lynn and Jack are now 7 years old living a healthy life.

One day Johnny was getting sick and Yvonne was getting worried that he was going to die. Lynn and Jack didn’t want that to happen. “Hey Nena” says Jack “Yes my dear” replies Yvonne “Is Poppa going to be ok” Jack says “I’m not sure my darling” Yvonne replies. The next morning Yvonne asks Lynn and Jack to go find some food in the forest for Johnny to eat. Lynn and Jack got prepared to go out for an adventure for food. “You ready to go Jack” says Lynn “Yes I am Lynn” replies Jack. Out they go looking for some food. They go searching through the forest and couldn’t find any food they didn’t want to disappoint Yvonne so they kept looking. Time passes and night time is about to fall and they are panicking. “Have you found any food Lynn” shouts Jack “NO!” shouts Lynn.

“Come on lets go home” says Lynn “OK” says Jack. “Umm where are we” says Lynn “What do you mean where are we” says Jack panicking. “Sorry I have no idea” cries Lynn “Where lost” Jack cries. “LYNN, JACK!” shouts Yvonne “NENA!” shouts Jack. Jack and Lynn quickly runs listening to Yvonne’s voice. “There’s the light” says Jack “NENA!” shouts Lynn. Tears burst out of Lynn and Jack “I missed you” they cried. “Johnny is ok” Yvonne says “HE IS!!” replies Jack and Lynn, “Yeop” says Yvonne “He only needed a good sleep” Yvonne says they all laughed.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Narrative Writing

One day dad decided to do a paint job on the walls. The walls looked old and rugged so Jack (dad) decided to change the wall colour BLUE. The others relaxed while Jack did the paint job.

John age Seven, loves to play outside all the time with his dog Lucky. Lucky is a lovable dog who loves his food and gets tummy rubs after his dinner. Lynn age 54 mother of Holly loves to garden and visit her family. The parents of all these children are Holly and Jack love each other and their children, they don’t really go out much.

Dad gets out the paint roller to repaint the walls and while he prepares it, the others are sitting on the couch relaxing. Rolling on the carpet is Lucky who is the active dog. The other do not pay attention to dad painting and all of a sudden “SPLASH!” they hear. They quickly turn there head to the big splash “HAHAHA!” his family laughs. Dad is stuck with paint splashed on his face, and the others are still giggling and laughing.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tamaki Tech Reflection

Every Tuesday we have tamaki tech and at tamaki tech we have experiences with electronics, hard materials and cooking. We arrived at tamaki tech and the first tech I was in was Hard Materials with Mr Grundy. At hard materials we had to plan and be creative, I was planning to make a Key Holder or a Accessory Holder. At the end of our Hard Material session we would move on to the next rotation. Our next rotation was going to be food tech but I thought we were going to electronics.

Food tech with Mrs Heka, I love to cook and bake its one of my good talents. At Mrs Heka’s tech station we bake desserts and cook YUMMY!! food. My favourite thing we baked and cooked at food tech was the ‘Chocolate Fudge Cake’ and ‘Ham Fried Rice’ it was so delicious. It was our last week at food tech and our last dish was ‘Chocolate Fudge Cake’ sprinkled with sugar icing. Our next rotation Electronics.

It was our first week at electronics and all we did was listen to Mr Malhotra speak and instruct us. After a few weeks we were going to practise soldering on a piece of copper taped on a cardboard. It was cool making shapes with the copper tape and also solder to make the joints. After we have finished practising soldering we were going to do another soldering project but this time putting LED lights. We have not finished that project yet but next term we will.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England vs Koru

“MAN ITS HOT!” It was a hot and sunny afternoon and the rugby girls had their semi finals. The team they were going to play against was Koru. Pt England girls were going to work hard to beat this other team to go to the grand finals. Time past’s and the crowd are cheering and going wild waiting for the P.E girls to try a score. After a while Pesi has the ball I wait patiently waiting for a move, “GO PESI!” I hear I look straight ahead and see Pesi defending and shuffling. “TRY” the referee says “YEAH!!” I shouted and the crowd goes wild.

It was nearly half time and the bell was about to ring. Sitting from the sideline I felt this was a hard game for Koru because of the defence the girls were giving and the hard tackles. RING RING! the bell rang everybody went to class except for Room 21 we had to stay there and give our support to the girls. We cheered and had our own Chit Chats. I was mostly watching my good friend Jay Lee because of her BIG tackles and defending. The whistle blows and Stephanie kicks the ball out  full game its over I think to myself ‘Who WON’. My teacher explains. The score was Three tries all which was a tie so they had to keep playing and Koru had the last try so Koru Won.

It was a tough game for the rugby girls and they did well. Congrats to the girls you guys lost but in our hearts you guys won, hard luck next time.

Friday, September 14, 2012

What If.... I Could Go Back In Time

If I could go back in time I will try warning the people in Christchurch about the earthquake that killed a lot of people. I will also go back in time when I was in the Auckland reps team and try working harder to play more games. But if I do change those stuff the future will never be the same. So maybe its not the great idea to be traveling back in time. I just like my life I have.

Traveling back in time we will be cool. I will maybe explore the olden days was like. I will also try help the others that got murdered by describing them and catching them. I will be a helping hand by going back in time and helping others.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


YEAH! I have improved my math on whizz and I'm going to keep that up. My weekly usage is '80'.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If.... I Had Superpowers

If I had superpowers I would want the powers of Avatar his powers are Water, Fire, Air and Earth the four elements. Instead of having the name Avatar I will like the name Nikita. I will fly everywhere around the world with my pet Avar who is a BIG Sugar Glider. To save other people suffering from other benders like me but with one element.

With the powers I have I can help people and use them to survive. I will LOVE to be a superhero and help others, LIFE will be never the same.

Monday, September 10, 2012

What If... I Was A Billionaire

If I was a billionaire I wouldn’t want the money to myself because if I was rich I will have everything, except for one thing. HAPPINESS. If there was something I will want to do I will like to travel the world and explore or learn some history. Or if that doesn’t work out for me I will donate to charities or sponsor a child. I will also give some money to my family maybe about $200 dollars each.

Sometimes I will dream to live in a BIG mansion and have some services. I also dreamed in my BIG mansion there will be a Macdonald Restaurant inside and everything was FREE so I can eat. I will also take my Family out for dinner and have a BIG celebrations when one of my family members have there Birthday.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Video Chatting

We arrived at the airport for my sister and my mum to go Aussie, why because they were going to stay there and teach my older sister how to look after her baby. On Sunday my sister had her baby Avar who is a baby boy. Avar was born on Sunday the 26th of August but before he was born my Dad’s birthday was on Saturday the 25th of August.

It was a cold afternoon and my Dad came home, “DAD!” my sister shouts “LOOK!”. We look and from Aussie was my sister Vei who took a flight to Victoria, Australia with my mum. She was Skyping with my sister Amelia. After a while my mum comes out of the Kitchen, “HI MUM!” I say she replies “Hi” and then after my mum came my older sister Elizabeth came. We had a long chat time passed and it was 8:00 it was my bedtime.

I was so happy to see my sister and mother, I really miss them and its also fun without them because the kids get more stuff.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Good Choicies

“All Right!!” I say while walking to the Life Caravan. I’m excited to learn how to make good choices and keep my body system healthy. We arrived at the Life Caravan and the teachers that was going to take that session was Lynn and Angela.

Your body is special and unique and noone could ever replace you. But if you take drugs that are bad some bad stuff happens to your body, and to change you have to keep away from bad drugs and chemicals.

The side effects for smoking are really bad. You will get lung cancer, heart attack or a stroke. But the most bad thing is smoking around your kids why because  the kids will pick up the smoke and breath it in. So make sure you don’t cause bad things to your kids. You could be addicted to nicotine and there are about 4000 chemicals in one smoke. If you really want to quit smoking call for help or talk about it with your family members or someone else you trust.

Drugs and alcohol are bad things that could cause you to death. Some teenagers can be addicted to alcohol which bad, the body tries getting rid of the alcohol but as they drink lots it tries processing.

When I grow up I will never Smoke and I will never take bad drugs or alcohol, I just want a really good reputation.

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Cross Country

“Ohh NO!!” I said because it was the annual cross country. Sometimes I don’t like cross country but I just run for fun. I walked to school and thought of what kind of techniques I should use when I’m running. As I passed the school gate I saw my friend Jaylee but she wasn't going to run because of her ankle injury f the netball tournament. But there was also my other friend Vivienne who is a really fit person. She is really good at netball. I ran to them and start chatting about Cross Country. “YAY! Its going to be fun because we're not going to do BORING work”

“OK guys Stop” Mrs Lagitupu said. I waited for Mrs Lagitupu to give me permission to go to the toilet. I walked there with butterflies in my tummy. After I got changed into my colours (BLUE) I went a grabbed my sticker to wear on my t shirt to show information about me. I was so excited because I was going to be photographer for the Junior cross country and I was doing it with Vivienne who is my good friend.

During lunch the four colour house’s were walking around the school cheering and I was cheering for Tainui because that was my house colour and I also LOVE the colour Blue. “GO TAINUI” I say walking around the school but from the back I hear someone saying “GO TE ARUWA” I look and just laugh.

The bell rang and everyone gathered at the hard court except for the year six’s and five’s, they had to gather at the Pt England Reserve down at the beach where the toilets are. After that we ran back to school for our Cross country but before I ran I cleaned the mud of my shoe. Before I ran I took some photos of people running thru the finish line. Finally it's our turn to run, we walk up to the starting line. At the starting line I was really nervous, I didn’t really wanna run but I wanted to see if i could achieve my goal. I stood there waiting for the blocks to clap, I waited patiently but before we went Mr Burt explained some information about the course. “BANG” the clappers go. I start jogging once I got out of the gate I started to walk and I was already tired.

After all that running I was nearly at the finish line, along side me was Sylvia. It was close to the end Sylvia and I ran as fast as we can to the finish line. I ran thru the finish line and the crowd cheered and clapped. I was so exhausted and tired, i couldn't barely walk.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain Bolt

The world's fastest man Usain Bolt a fast athlete legend just like Jesse Owens. Born in the country Jamaica, is 25 years old now born on 21st August 1986. Jamaica is officially the 4th largest island nation, the capital of Jamaica is Kingston.

The athletes walk into the stadium warming up to do a 100 metre sprint. Slapping their thighs and stretching, the world's fastest man Usain Bolt looks confident. As they walk into the stadium the crowd goes wild for the Usain Bolt.

The athletes line up waiting for their names to be announced, after announcing the names they get ready to get down into the block. They wait for a few seconds for the gunshot, Usain Bolt waits in confident.

BANG!! the men sprints so fast but Usain Bolt runs hard and is leading. Usain Bolt slows down and starts jogging to the finish line, the crowd cheers and claps for Usain and after finishing Usain does his finishing pose.

Jamaica celebrates, and the crowd goes wild for Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. He also broke the world record which was amazing. I reckon if I had to choose who is your favourite athlete I will choose Usain Bolt.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Phew!! Basketball is hard, because of the skills. After basketball I felt exhausted and tired but I learnt some fun skills. Every Thursday’s Room 21 goes to the hard courts to play basketball. I enjoy going to basketball but sometimes when the skill he is teaching is hard we cheat which is funny because we always fail. To start we had to get into a line of five it was Mary I, Makerita, Senolita, Te Roimata and I. After finishing the skill Makerita and I will always do our fantastic handshake.

Some of the skills we learnt was dribbling the ball, moving the ball around your waste. Most of us failed doing the skill or tried our best to finish it off properly. Shae and Tai is our instructors that help us to learn some of basketball skills. Next time when we go basketball I will like to set a goal for me. I like playing basketball because it’s a lot of fun when you shoot the ball into the hoop, it's like Netball my netball is my kind of type.

After the session we headed back to the street for lunch. Hope next time we don’t cheat. It was an exhausting game. This week basketball I didn't go because I had hip hop practise. Playing sports is fun and cool because you play with your friends and also learn different skills you didn’t know.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great Gold

1. She holds up the bouquet in one hand with happiness in her heart and a gold medal around her neck.
2. With luck on her side she achieved her challenge and went home with a gold medal.
3. She held the gold medal in her hand standing proud on the podium making her country proud.
4. The proud asian lady stood on the podium thinking about her success and also achieving her goal.
5. The crowd goes wild applauding and cheering for China as she stood there with so much happiness.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Victory Is Mine

1. With a lot of effort they won their difficult game and went home with a heart full of joy.
2. With luck on their side the ladies won the game and had the most happy facial expressions.
3. The crowd was waiting with anticipation for the ball to strike into the goal.
4. They’re firmly gripping each other on the shirt because of the happiness the victory brought.
5. They were so overwhelmed with joy they tightly gripped each other.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Competitive Wrestlers

1. The opponent in the blue looks very desperate to get out of his competitors arm lock.
2. The opponent in the red tried to take down his competition, but yet didn’t get there.
3. Both of the competitors look very much in pain, because you can see their veins popping out from their arms.
4. The guy in the blue suit, attempted to get out of his competitors arm lock, but yet didn’t do so.
5. With great difficulty, the wrestlers fight with good strength and determination.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Aiming Fire

1. As he aims his arrow at his target he waits until its the right time to let it go.
2. Setting his goal to win and trying to do his best to become a champion.
3. He has a focused look on his face when he pulls his arrow back.
4. As he stands there positioning himself, he pulls his arrow with all his might to hit the target.
5. Waiting patiently he waits for the right time to release the arrow.

Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics

2012 this year London is going to host the Olympics three times now which is pretty amazing. There is going to be returning champions who won medals at the beijing olympic. In beijing's olympic USA won the most medals. The first Olympic was hosted by Greece, Athens in 1908 which was the first ever Olympic. Three Olympic games were cancelled because of the World War I and II. As a athlete you have to set a goal and try to achieve it. London is a city that embraces the majesty of the old and the excitement of the new.

My favourite athlete is Michael Phelps who is an amazing swimmer, he has won 16 medals from some of the olympics. He represents USA. It must be hard to compete in the olympics  and play against adults and teenagers around the world. If I had to choose to be one of the athletes in the olympic I will pick Shawn Johnson (gymnastics), I don’t know why but I will love to be a gymnast.

I can’t wait until the olympics start, i will love to see how the New Zealand team are going.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Goal Settings

Whizz Education

It has been a great experience doing Mathhizwz and has helped me with my Maths.

Holiday Highlight

I thought to myself this was going to be a boring holiday because we weren't going to do anything. On Friday I woke up to a phone call that my teacher rang and asked if I was allowed to go to the GI Centre. I was so excited, cause I was going to see my friends. Next morning I got up so early to get change then I had to wait until it was 10:00 I couldn't wait much longer. I looked at the clock to see if it was time 10:00 it was time. My mum dropped me off but before I could go I had to see if any of my friends here I looked carefully but none of them were here. It was going on to 10:15 and I see arriving is my teacher Mrs Lagitupu  with her son Kingston. I kissed my mum goodbye, I walk inside looking for the ‘Art Section’ inside the art section I found ‘Brooklyn’ and her sister ‘Arianna’ painting and making faces, I join in with them.

It was nearly time for Brooklyn to leave but before she left her, Rita and I had to finish of the lollie lay we were making it was so long, and also get a balloon sword from the balloon artist it was cool. Then before we could go we had a feast Chocolate cake, mandarin and sandwiches. But when we off to go the Mai FM crew needed help putting their tent up so we helped them. After helping then they gave us some free stuff which was Wax, bread and lollies. It was so fun.

Best holiday highlight, it was so fun playing, drawing and also fighting with our sword balloons.


Valerie Adams

Valerie Kasanita Adams (formerly known as Valerie Vili), (born 6 October 1984) is a shot putter from New Zealand.
  • Valerie attended her first Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, just a month. In the qualifying rounds Valerie finished in ninth place, missing the cut for the final. One of the finalists later failed a drugs test, which brought Valerie into eighth place. Valerie's mum who was Tongan died from cancer when Valerie was 16 years old.
Kirsten Hellier said that Valerie was the perfect natural athlete for shot put because she is a amazingly competitive temperament, also strong and sucessful and the mental ability to perform well.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


When we go to visit my Grandpa in the cemetery we bring flowers or something else to show how much we miss him. We also bring some extras flowers for 'Graeme Edmund Oldham' who was buried next to my granddad. We don't know him but we thought it would be nice if we brought something for him to show how kind and generous we are. After a few years we called Mr Oldham one of my granddads friends. My granddad doesn't have a stone but some day he will soon. In this picture next to the tree is Graeme's stone then the next one is my granddads cross.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Term 2 Reflection

This Term was one of the best terms in 2012 because there was my PEPA dance performance and also modeling and there were fun activities.This term was fun learning about Art Alive it was cool how we learn about the famous artist and how they became artist. My favourite part of the term is Immersion week because we get to learn about different artist in different classes. My favourite days are Thursday and Friday because I work on Thursday as a Barista which is cool and Friday is my FAVOURITE day because it's the end of school and my dad tells us to get anything we want at Pak N Save which is awesome.

I hope next term is better than this term. I’m going to miss my friends when school finishes.

Special Place Writing

My Grandpa's grave is my special place because he was one of my favourite Grandparents and was a part of my heart. Now he is gone but never forgotten, he will stand next to me whenever I’m down. I was also his favourite grandchild. We always used to eat together. We also mocked my sisters and brothers together and played games which was funny. 
The artist I am choosing is Claude Monet. Monet is one of my favourite artists. His paintings look realistic. The colours I used were bright and dark. The main colours are blue, white and green. I love the details that I did on the grass and how I blended the colours.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Artwork AKA Granddads Grave

This is my artwork I drew for the Art Gallery, its a painting of my granddads grave. I worked on it for days and it turned out really good. My style of the painting was Claude Monet.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Narrative Feature

Spongebob is a character who is really competitive and loves to go jellyfishing. He is square and is a sponge he has a really imaginative mind. He likes playing with his best friend Patrick and drives Squidward crazy, Squidward does not like Spongebob. Spongebob is a main character on his show Spongebob Squarepants, he works for Mr Krabbs flipping patties. Spongebob has a funny dolphin laugh that makes me giggle.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Static Image

In Room 21 we are learning about a static image, a static image is when it doesn't move. There is all sorts of static images like painting, drawing, posters, newspaper and all other stuff. I chose this photo because I thought this will be a really easy to write and describe but it turned out that it wasn't. 

1. There is a bee that is getting pollen out of the plant to make other flowers grow.
2. The bee that is on the flower is fluffy and the background is nice and bright but is blurry. This makes the bee stand out.
3. Instead of  a far shot the photographer did it in a close up shot so you can see all the details.
4. On the flower there is yellow highlights and orange as the main colour. It makes me think about Summer.
5. The main object in the photo is the flower and bumble bee. 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Australian Football League

We arrived on the courts ready to do AFL with two instructor named Sam AKA Samwich. He has been teaching us techniques. But when we arrived there was Room 14 sitting on the hard court as well. It was our first time at AFL for this year, but we had AFL last year in year 6 . At the session we learnt about drop pun but before we could learn about it, we had to get into partners. My partner was Shoal and we played a fun game.

My favourite game we played was ‘Flush the Toilet’ it was so funny. Some kids from room 20 joined us. I got tug a lot of times with the ball. I had fun but I only went to AFL once because I have been so busy with my weeks.

The last game we were playing was ‘Lions And Snails’ we had to kick it into the hoop or at one of the adults. I was a lion and Shoal was the snail. They were up first but they didn’t get any of the teachers or the netball hoop. It was our turn. I kicked it and it hit the netball post. “ YEAHH!” I had scored 3 points for our team.

After our game we sat down on the hardcourt and waited until our teacher, Mrs Lagitupu told us to stand up. But before we left we said thank you. It was a great experience and I also found out that AFL stands for Australian Football League. We lined up and walked quietly to the class to eat our lunch.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Next rotation baking class, lucky me. Eating delicious baking mmmm yummy in my tummy. Every Tuesday mornings, year 7’s go Tamaki Tech. Down at tech there's three different options, food, electronics and last but not less hard materials.

The group that I was in last term was ‘Hard Materials’ and we make things with timber that must have a Housing joint. My product I have been making is a ‘Key Holder’ for my parents. My project turned out fine and my parents also liked it. Throughout the term it has been really cool making and designing. Next rotation Mrs Heka’s cooking class food tech “YEAH”!.

This term the groups had to switch to a different class but it was a little bit tricky. Hard materials had to go to food tech, food tech had to go to electronics and electronics had to go hard materials. Some people got mixed up and went to the wrong classes and the teachers got grumpy. We arrived in front of Mrs Heka’s class door looking forward to cooking. Walking towards the door was Mrs Heka she opened the door and we lined up she told us instructions. But before we can cook she had to write our names down and introduce ourselves it was so funny. I had a BLAST! cooking, washing and eating our delicious and crunchy ‘Chunky Chocolate Cookies’.

At the end of our tech session we went 5 minutes early to grab our project we have been working on last term I had a ⅘ which was cool. I’ve develop new skills and it was fun working with my new rotation teacher.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Comparing And Contrasting 'The Weeping Woman' And 'A lazy day in paradise'

This week Mrs Lagitupu has given us a task to compare and contrast again but with different artist. ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘A lazy day in paradise’ by Daniella Hulmes. Picasso style of art is Cubism. Hulmes likes things pacific and her style is modern.

Picasso’s painting ‘The Weeping Woman’ is very colourful. The model for the painting was Dora Maar, who was working as a professional photographer when Picasso met her in 1936. She was the only photographer allowed to document the picture while Picasso painted it in 1937. The main colour in his painting yellow and the rest is colourful. Picasso likes to look at his paintings in different perspectives. I don’t really like this painting but I think its good.

Daniella likes things pacific. Hulmes is a European who is married to a Samoan man. In her painting her main colour is blue and the rest is colourful. Daniella painting makes me bored and lazy and I really like it. She used bright colours and also pacific patterns which is cool. In all of her paintings she has the same hair style and same faces.

In both of the paintings it very colourful and bright. They both like using bright colours. In their painting they have angled shapes and cool patterns. They also had a mode on them when they were painting.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 3 Pablo Picasso

Day 3. We arrived in Room 18 ready to learn about an artist. Pablo Picasso’s style was Cubism from different perspective. Picasso was Born on 25 October 1881 and died 8 April 1973, was a Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramist, and stage designer, Pablo Picasso. Picasso demonstrated extraordinary artistic talent in his early years, through his childhood. Among his most famous works are the proto-Cubist Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (1907), and Guernica (1937), a portrayal of the German bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. Picasso had a different style to other artist, Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Marcel Duchamp are commonly regarded as the three artist. Picasso was trained by his father how to paint and his dad was a art teacher at the Da Guarda art school.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Comparing And Contrasting

In Room 21 we have been asked to compare two famous artists paintings. 'Sunflowers' by Van Gogh and 'La Musique' by Henri Matisse. Mrs Lagitupu gave us a task to compare and contrast which was to look at the difference and similarity between the two paintings. Henri Matisse used the style Fauvism which meant wild beast. Van Gogh's style is Expressionism.

Van Gogh used vertical strokes throughout his entire painting and used brown and yellow as his main colours. His painting looks realistic and also amazing. When I look at his painting I felt ‘Happy’ but to the owner he was maybe depressed. I’m not sure. In his painting it had two types of flowers, dead and alive. The only painting he sold was ‘The Red Vineyard and became famous when passed away.

Henri Matisse He used bright and vibrant colours. He also is a French artist. In his painting ‘La Musique’ he has cool patterns with two women, one playing guitar and one singing. It looks like they're having a great time. It makes me feel like I’m with my friends, safe and happy.

In Van Gogh's painting he has a plant and in Henri Matisse painting he has people. In Matisse painting he has allot of patterns and in Van Gogh’s painting has plain colours. They both have different styles and techniques.

After looking at the two paintings I have seen the difference and what their techniques are. They also had a feeling for there each one of their paintings.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 2 Van Gogh Immersion Rotation

Day Two. We quietly stood up and made a line ready to head off, to Room 22. The artist we were going to learn about was Van Gogh, and also be drawing one of his paintings. Van Gogh’s style of his paintings is bright Impressionist. I have found out that Van Gogh’s full name is ‘Vincent Willem Van Gogh’, and that he lived a very sad life. I have read stories that Van Gogh cut his earlobe off, from depressed time. The one painting Vincent van Gogh sold during his lifetime was Red Vineyard at Arles, which is now in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. It was exhibited in Brussels in 1890 and sold for 400 francs. Van Gogh was a painter whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty, and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. Van Gogh didn’t sell that much paintings. He became famous when he past away, because of his sister in law Johanna van Gogh-Bonger.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day 1 Henri Matisse Immersion Rotation

Day One. RING RING! the bell rang. The class gathered in and watched PENN. After the news we discussed a French artist. Henri Matisse was born on December 31 1869, and he was one of France’s most famous artists. I have learnt that Henri’s paintings expressed his feelings. He also believed that his paintings could heal people. His style was ‘Fauvism’ which means ‘wild beast’. We had to find one of his paintings and draw it. Chardin was one of Henri Matisse most admired paintings.  Matisse like to paint Flowers, glassware, fruit and also portraits of his wife. On one of his trips he met the Impressionist artist named John Russell. He liked the way Russell used bright colors in his paintings. At the end of the day we drew a picture called ‘La Musique’ by Henri Matisse.

Stay put to read some more of my rotation immersion writing.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Competition Winners (Room21) MAGIC Winners

Last week at assembly a few children from Room 21 got a certificate for the competition we entered last term. The Maungakiekei-Tamaki Local Board, Allen & Josephine awarded us with vouchers. We are really lucky because someday we might go to the art gallery with our teacher. I give a big shout out to Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board also Allen & Josephine, Thank-You for the cool presents. We really appreciate and Thank-You once again.

Friday, April 27, 2012

My Adventure To Davenport (North-head)

We arrived at Davenport ready for a great time exploring the tunnels and caves. We ran up the hill really excited then this all changed, I looked down to see how far up we were. But not that far it was about three meters down. I had confidence in me and said “this is easy” my brothers looked at me and replied back “then go first”. I struggled a little to stay on my feet but then I slipped and slid down. I stood up and dusted myself and watched my brothers and sisters  struggling (it was hilarious). I found a stairway that lead down to creepy tunnels my brother and I went and hide. My sisters walked in quietly calling our names. ROAR!!!. They looked at us with smiles and laughed at us we laughed along with them.

I love my adventure at Davenport I wish we can visit again but this time on my birthday. BEST HOLIDAY!.

Monday, April 23, 2012

My Mihi-mihi Project

Here is my Mihi mihi showen in a video, I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment if I have to work on something.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day1, My Two Precious Books

RING, RING!, the bell rang I quickly ran to my class and started of the line we waited patiently for our teacher and in the distance I spotted her. She walked towards to the door and opened it I asked her nicely “Do I and Brooklyn and Huelo-ata go to Mr Munik” she replied back “No we got duffy assembly”. I silently said YES! in my head and she told me that we were going to meet the Linda Vagana the netball star who plays for Silverfernz I was shocked that a famous person is coming like Mayor Len Brown did. We waited until it was time few minutes went by, we rushed up into a line and started to walk to the hall we sat down, after listening to thier stories Adian in my class and grabbed the box.

To Be Continued

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

R.I.P Joanna Ramos

At the end of February this year there was a fight in the alley in America between two girls over a boy one was a 10 year old and the other one was a 11 year old, both attended at Willard Elementary School where Joanna Ramos attended 5th grade. It was a tragic story because one of them had a head injury after her fight and moaned it was hurting. Joanna, who would have turned 11 on March 12, underwent emergency surgery for a blood clot on her brain late Friday after she began vomiting and complained of a headache. Investigators have not figured out  or details of what have led such injury.

After surgery the doctor said she was still alive, and then a few minutes later he comes back and tells her family that her heart stopped and they couldn't bring her back. They made a memorial near the steps in front of her school with balloons, cards and photos of her, friends and family missing her so much wishing that she wasn’t dead. Really hope the Ramos family heals and that Joanna is watching them up in heaven.

If you want to read another story about Joanna Ramos tragic story go on to my good friend Ramona’s blog her website is Please leave feedback if I need to work on something and thank-you for reading.

Car Boot Sale Reflection

Last week Saturday there was a Car Boot Sale at the Pt England School car park and I went to participate. It was to fundraise money for the Yr 7 and 8 camp and I hoped that they enjoyed it much more then I did. The best selling item from our options was the raffle ticket for the basket full of easter eggs (delicious). I was quite surprised how much we made and I also was surprised how delicious the year 7 and 8 extension store had a lot of yummy cakes and cupcakes. At the end of the Car Boot sale we announced the winner for the raffle ticket and guess who won it was Matthew R from school it was a little bit sad for the people who was not lucky enough but I hope they did enjoy having fun.

Parents started packing up their things and head of home and it was also getting late I started walking home but before heading home I said goodbyes to my friends. I hoped we made enough money to pay off. I also want to give a big thanks to the people that participated in the Car Boot sale and also brought stuff we really appreciate.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Carboot Sale Thoughts

Today I have been thinking about the Car-boot Sale tomorrow at the Pt England car park at 8am to 12pm for the year 7 and 8 camp. I hope that a lot of people come along and donate money and I am also excited to help out in the stores and make the customers happy. Hope things go well to the other stores and also people have fun co-operating. God bless the people that come and participate buying things, I also think that we might call it a day after it finishes.

Can’t wait till tomorrow and hope people do buy stuff, but the most important thought is that we have fun.

Seeing The Warriors

At Swimmarama we saw the Warriors it was a surprise and really made the girls plush. The year 7 and 8 travelled up and down following the them and yelling at Kevin Lock to jump in the water but he was sick. They were exercising and after a while they were leaving and then Ahsin started of the haka and then the finishing touch Ahsin wiggled his hands side to side and Shaun Johnson coped laughing at him. Shaun Johnson walked off and I yelled to him “Bye Shaun Johnson and he did the peace sign to me and I plushed away.