Friday, September 28, 2012

Tamaki Tech Reflection

Every Tuesday we have tamaki tech and at tamaki tech we have experiences with electronics, hard materials and cooking. We arrived at tamaki tech and the first tech I was in was Hard Materials with Mr Grundy. At hard materials we had to plan and be creative, I was planning to make a Key Holder or a Accessory Holder. At the end of our Hard Material session we would move on to the next rotation. Our next rotation was going to be food tech but I thought we were going to electronics.

Food tech with Mrs Heka, I love to cook and bake its one of my good talents. At Mrs Heka’s tech station we bake desserts and cook YUMMY!! food. My favourite thing we baked and cooked at food tech was the ‘Chocolate Fudge Cake’ and ‘Ham Fried Rice’ it was so delicious. It was our last week at food tech and our last dish was ‘Chocolate Fudge Cake’ sprinkled with sugar icing. Our next rotation Electronics.

It was our first week at electronics and all we did was listen to Mr Malhotra speak and instruct us. After a few weeks we were going to practise soldering on a piece of copper taped on a cardboard. It was cool making shapes with the copper tape and also solder to make the joints. After we have finished practising soldering we were going to do another soldering project but this time putting LED lights. We have not finished that project yet but next term we will.

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