Friday, November 30, 2012

Police Blue Light Disco

Last night was the blue light disco at the Pt England Hall. The Disco started at six pm until eight pm. I arrived at the footpath near the senior block, and on the way walking to the entrance I saw my best friend Makerita. She was walking with Jasmine and Tui. We walk through the entrance door and there standing next to the doors were Chante, Naomi, Dakota and Aliza. Before we walked into the disco we had to give our ticket that we brought with our Five dollars.

I walked into the hall and on the big screen was 'Police Blue Light Disco' I was excited. On the stage was Miracle as DJ and the prefects on the fall watching out for the kids. Everyone was inside the hall but before we were going to dance Mrs Tele'a gave us some instructions.

First song that played was Chris Brown - Go Away, which was my favourite song. Jay'lee and I danced so hard we were already tired. After a while we had a Limbo Challenge first was the year five and six, Winner of that competition was Jonathan  Next was the year sevens and eights, holding the stick was Joe and I, Winner of the competition was out of Samson and Nezinli.

My favourite part Dougie Challenge, everyone had fun and dougied well. After a few hours and minuets the lights turned on for our last songs. The last song was by T-Pain Church, I loved disco the best day ever.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival 2012

This week was the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park. This year we didn’t make a movie because Mrs Lagitupu was to busy making other movies for other movie competition. Every once a year we always have the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia Park watching all sorts of movies on a BIG screen at Hoyts. For every movie there will be two or 1 presenters to give us a little info about their movie. My favourite movie was One Direction by TCTV my second favourite was The Test by Room 18 from Pt England. My good friends Reka and Rita were presenters for the extention movie they made ‘Pick A Path’.

At sylvia park there will be other schools there too, there was Panmure Bridge and Tamaki College. After we get seated we wait for the lights to turn off, then there will be a introduction. But before the manaiakalani film festival started Mr Dun from Tamaki College gave us instructions of what was going to happened. 20 movies were going to play from all sorts of different school around GI and Panmure. The lights turned on and it was time for intermediate kids to leave.

After the film festival was a bus ride back to school. That was my favourite bit at the end having a sleep on the bus. We parked up at school and everyone had already walked home, “HOMETIME!” I shouted and walked home.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

It all started with a cold Thursday morning, the sun was out, the birds were tweeting. “ATHLETICS TODAY!” my brother shouts, “YAY!” I reply back. We arrived at school with our house colours TAINUI. I walked into the street where all the year eight’s and seven’s were. As I walked in I saw my good friend Vivienne. Every mornings my friends and I always walk around the school or stay in the street. RING, RING the bell rang. We all gathered onto the hard courts next to the pool. After listening to the instructions little Mr Jacobsen gave to us Athletics began.

Our first activity was Discuss with Mr Harris. After discus with Mr Harris, we move onto our other rotation which was High Jump with Miss King. High Jump was my favourite activity, I was the 2nd person to jump it was fun. Some people didn’t make it in and some did. On the 2nd jump nobody couldn’t jump the pole because it was too high, it was really disappointing.

We had finish doing high jump we went to Javelin with Mr Barks. For Javelin we use this spear to chuck and the person who gets furthest wins. I was coming 3rd but Nek Minute Stephanie beat me. Our next rotation was Softball, for softball you are throwing a ball as far as you could. The next rotation after softball was relays for fun. My favourite activity was the relays at the end of Athletics.

Athletics was fun and awesome, I loved it.


This was the most amazing thing that happened today. Today we had seen an awesome and amazing Eclipse which combined the Moon and Sun. In the morning the hole entire Intermediate Block ran outside to see the eclipse. This was a one life time thing.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make A Teddy Bear

2 piece of Fabric
Pins and Needle
1 set of teddy eyes
Small Fabric for the nose
Teddy bear tin plate
Glue gun


Step 1:
Before you do anything you need to plan out your teddy bear and sketch it all on a piece of paper. After planning you get a piece of cardboard and shape your teddy bear the way you like and thats a tin plate.

Step 2:
Your two coloured fabrics, then we get our tinplate that is shaped as a teddy bear.

Step 2:
We put the teddy bear tin plate on top of your two coloured fabric and trace the tin plate onto the fabric. After you have traced the tin plate onto the fabric you move on to the face.

Step 3:
For the face you will need eyes, nose and a mouth. So you glue the eyes onto the face with a glue gun and you do the same with the nose. With the mouth you will knit the mouth on.

Step 4:
Moving on to the body we have finished with tracing our teddy bear tin plate, now we need to knit it up.

Step 9:
Before knitting you need to leave a hole so we can insert the stuffing into the teddy bear. After knitting around the outside and leaving a hole, you're going to insert the stuffing into the teddy bear.

Step 10:
The teddy bear isn’t finished yet, if you want you can design some clothes for it or you can decorate it with some ribbons or polka dots.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monke My Favourite Toy

When I was a young girl aged 4 I used to play with my stuffed monkey named ‘Monke’. It was called Monke because I couldn’t pronounce Monkey. Monke had a strap so whenever I go places he would come with me. The best memory I had with my little Monkey is when I was playing ‘Jungle’. I would always be jumping on the couch and Monke would be strapped on the handle. Monke didn’t really play that much because he was a stuffed animal.

When I would go to sleep I’d strap Monke around my neck to comfort me. Monke makes me feel happy because I always knew I wasn’t alone.  Whenever I couldn't find my monkey I would get really upset and cry to my mum. Without my monkey I would have nobody to play with because my oldest sisters didn’t like me hanging around them because I was ‘annoying’. I didn’t want to play with my eldest brother cause he was a boy and my younger brother was in my mummy’s tummy.

Monke was my only one and only stuffed toy I liked. I had only a small amount of teddies but the one that stood out the most was Monke. I loved my little Monkey, it was really special to me but one day it disappeared and my mum didn’t tell me where.