Friday, November 25, 2011

My Reflection About This Year

Sometimes I wonder how well I do at school, my teacher says I am a bright girl but my writing is mumble jumble and I do agree with him. Reading and Maths I’m doing great, my goal next year is to keep out of drama’s and stay on task during class. I have been thinking about what kind of things I have been involved in and what fun times I did at camp and school.
This year I have really enjoyed having a Netbook to work on because I learn more with the Internet and find information by searching, another thing is I write allot so I can get better and better and there are allot more reasons about why I enjoy working on my Netbook. Furthermore having a Netbook has meant so much for me and my parents, because my parents wants me to grow up to be a intelligent women, most definitely the best thing is going on to different and exciting sites. The hardest thing for me is staying out of my Netbook and waiting patiently.
This year was the best year of school for me, taking with me during the holidays the memories. Next year I can’t wait to be a year seven and to meet my knew teacher and friends.

I LOVE To Play Guitar

I was the age 10 when I first learnt how to play guitar and my big brother was my teacher who taught me how to play, it was quiet difficult to my sister learning to bar, I can play some songs and my big brother can play all sort of songs. My favourite song to play on guitar was Halo by Beyonce, this time I didn't learn from my brother I learnt from YouTube online, I sometimes use YouTube to help me play guitar and my big brother. I love to play to my family and show other people, when I grow up I want to play guitar, piano and drums, I also want to be a great singer.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Camp Bentzon 2011

“Have you been to Kawau Island”?I have, its allot of fun we do fun activities and allot of long running but this was going to be a great experience for me.

We arrived at Kawau Island for our walk (actually a HIKE!) I was quiet excited and a little bit hungry, we went threw allot of rocks and steep hills and it was exhausted. While our hike carried on we saw some pretty views and people private territory’s, we arrived at a beach with a beautiful view and had lunch there. We skipped rocks, chucked rocks it was quite boring, we head back to Camp Bentzon with our carve mussels pumping while hiking up the hills. I really did like the hike we did at the begining of camp.

“Have you ever done a confidences course”? Well I have, its really fun but quite freaky. Before doing the confidence course you must learn to use the three points of contact and also the funniest strategy, the skill was when you reach for the log at the top the people that are cheering says “HUG YOUR MAMA”! and is funny. I was confident but at the same time a little bit nervous, my favourite part about confidence course was the flying tyres and my dislike is the monkey bars.

Even dough I was sick at camp it was an awesome and great opportunity. My favourite memory at Camp Bentzon was my first time getting into volleyball and getting to know the parent helpers, its was good memories back at Camp Bentzon, but I happy to be back at home.