Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Good Choicies

“All Right!!” I say while walking to the Life Caravan. I’m excited to learn how to make good choices and keep my body system healthy. We arrived at the Life Caravan and the teachers that was going to take that session was Lynn and Angela.

Your body is special and unique and noone could ever replace you. But if you take drugs that are bad some bad stuff happens to your body, and to change you have to keep away from bad drugs and chemicals.

The side effects for smoking are really bad. You will get lung cancer, heart attack or a stroke. But the most bad thing is smoking around your kids why because  the kids will pick up the smoke and breath it in. So make sure you don’t cause bad things to your kids. You could be addicted to nicotine and there are about 4000 chemicals in one smoke. If you really want to quit smoking call for help or talk about it with your family members or someone else you trust.

Drugs and alcohol are bad things that could cause you to death. Some teenagers can be addicted to alcohol which bad, the body tries getting rid of the alcohol but as they drink lots it tries processing.

When I grow up I will never Smoke and I will never take bad drugs or alcohol, I just want a really good reputation.

Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Cross Country

“Ohh NO!!” I said because it was the annual cross country. Sometimes I don’t like cross country but I just run for fun. I walked to school and thought of what kind of techniques I should use when I’m running. As I passed the school gate I saw my friend Jaylee but she wasn't going to run because of her ankle injury f the netball tournament. But there was also my other friend Vivienne who is a really fit person. She is really good at netball. I ran to them and start chatting about Cross Country. “YAY! Its going to be fun because we're not going to do BORING work”

“OK guys Stop” Mrs Lagitupu said. I waited for Mrs Lagitupu to give me permission to go to the toilet. I walked there with butterflies in my tummy. After I got changed into my colours (BLUE) I went a grabbed my sticker to wear on my t shirt to show information about me. I was so excited because I was going to be photographer for the Junior cross country and I was doing it with Vivienne who is my good friend.

During lunch the four colour house’s were walking around the school cheering and I was cheering for Tainui because that was my house colour and I also LOVE the colour Blue. “GO TAINUI” I say walking around the school but from the back I hear someone saying “GO TE ARUWA” I look and just laugh.

The bell rang and everyone gathered at the hard court except for the year six’s and five’s, they had to gather at the Pt England Reserve down at the beach where the toilets are. After that we ran back to school for our Cross country but before I ran I cleaned the mud of my shoe. Before I ran I took some photos of people running thru the finish line. Finally it's our turn to run, we walk up to the starting line. At the starting line I was really nervous, I didn’t really wanna run but I wanted to see if i could achieve my goal. I stood there waiting for the blocks to clap, I waited patiently but before we went Mr Burt explained some information about the course. “BANG” the clappers go. I start jogging once I got out of the gate I started to walk and I was already tired.

After all that running I was nearly at the finish line, along side me was Sylvia. It was close to the end Sylvia and I ran as fast as we can to the finish line. I ran thru the finish line and the crowd cheered and clapped. I was so exhausted and tired, i couldn't barely walk.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Usain Bolt

The world's fastest man Usain Bolt a fast athlete legend just like Jesse Owens. Born in the country Jamaica, is 25 years old now born on 21st August 1986. Jamaica is officially the 4th largest island nation, the capital of Jamaica is Kingston.

The athletes walk into the stadium warming up to do a 100 metre sprint. Slapping their thighs and stretching, the world's fastest man Usain Bolt looks confident. As they walk into the stadium the crowd goes wild for the Usain Bolt.

The athletes line up waiting for their names to be announced, after announcing the names they get ready to get down into the block. They wait for a few seconds for the gunshot, Usain Bolt waits in confident.

BANG!! the men sprints so fast but Usain Bolt runs hard and is leading. Usain Bolt slows down and starts jogging to the finish line, the crowd cheers and claps for Usain and after finishing Usain does his finishing pose.

Jamaica celebrates, and the crowd goes wild for Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. He also broke the world record which was amazing. I reckon if I had to choose who is your favourite athlete I will choose Usain Bolt.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Phew!! Basketball is hard, because of the skills. After basketball I felt exhausted and tired but I learnt some fun skills. Every Thursday’s Room 21 goes to the hard courts to play basketball. I enjoy going to basketball but sometimes when the skill he is teaching is hard we cheat which is funny because we always fail. To start we had to get into a line of five it was Mary I, Makerita, Senolita, Te Roimata and I. After finishing the skill Makerita and I will always do our fantastic handshake.

Some of the skills we learnt was dribbling the ball, moving the ball around your waste. Most of us failed doing the skill or tried our best to finish it off properly. Shae and Tai is our instructors that help us to learn some of basketball skills. Next time when we go basketball I will like to set a goal for me. I like playing basketball because it’s a lot of fun when you shoot the ball into the hoop, it's like Netball my netball is my kind of type.

After the session we headed back to the street for lunch. Hope next time we don’t cheat. It was an exhausting game. This week basketball I didn't go because I had hip hop practise. Playing sports is fun and cool because you play with your friends and also learn different skills you didn’t know.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Great Gold

1. She holds up the bouquet in one hand with happiness in her heart and a gold medal around her neck.
2. With luck on her side she achieved her challenge and went home with a gold medal.
3. She held the gold medal in her hand standing proud on the podium making her country proud.
4. The proud asian lady stood on the podium thinking about her success and also achieving her goal.
5. The crowd goes wild applauding and cheering for China as she stood there with so much happiness.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Victory Is Mine

1. With a lot of effort they won their difficult game and went home with a heart full of joy.
2. With luck on their side the ladies won the game and had the most happy facial expressions.
3. The crowd was waiting with anticipation for the ball to strike into the goal.
4. They’re firmly gripping each other on the shirt because of the happiness the victory brought.
5. They were so overwhelmed with joy they tightly gripped each other.