Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Image: Play Fighting

A static image is an image that doesn't move. Everything you see that is a image but not moving is called a Static Image.

1. Describe what is the photo about? What does the background tell you? Tigers play fighting in the water, Enjoying themselves. Making a lot of movements in the water, splashing.

2. How does the photo make you feel? I feel happy and relaxed when I see this photo. Why because it looks like there enjoying themselves.

3. What is the interesting/unique thing in the photo? Usually there’s photos and videos of tigers/lions hugging a human but I’ve never seen a photo of a tiger cuddling/play fighting. This is an awesome photo

4. What affects you, looking at this photo? It shows that some tigers are humble and not aggressive.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Netball Team Outing

It was an amazing day out with my year 8  netball team 2. We went to Laser Strike, Tin Pin Bowling, Burger King and The Arcade Room. My favourite parts of the day out was The Arcade Games and Laser Strike. 

At Laser Strike I cheated I followed Alexandria and kept shooting her until her armour activated. At the end my score was 4560. I had an awesome time with my friends.