Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Camp Reflection

Camp was fun we explored many things around Rotorua and learnt many things. It was a great opportunity for my friends and I to spend time together. I experienced many things for example I got to see the Lady Knox Geyser and other things. I also got to share a cabin with some of my friends JayLee, Serena and Huelo-ata, we had the cleanest cabin. I had a blast at Keswick Camp and made my bond with others stronger.

Thanks to all the parents who spared there time to come along with us it was a blessing.

Day 1 At Keswick Camp

We arrive at school prepared to take a 4-5 hour bus trip to Rotorua. On the way to Rotorua we stopped at places to take a site walk or have lunch. After a long period of time in the bus we finally arrived at Keswick Christian Camp. Before we went lurking off we got told some information about Keswick.

The bus driver unpacked the bags out of his bus a minute later I see my bag. I run to my cabin dragging my bags, I get there and I’ve seen Serena and JayLee have begs there bed already, So I grab the lower bed of the bunk.

Mrs Langitupu walked and shouted “5 more minutes guys before we go on our walk”, we get into our shorts and trainers and run out and meet at our meeting place. We arrive at a public Nature Walk.

Apparently Mr Barks told us students that it will be a flat walk, Nek Minute as we got deeper into the bushes there were up hills and down hills “PMO” I shout. The walk took us about half an hour for all the students some were left behind and some were in front. It was a 4k Nature Walk it was frustrating and exhausting walk.

We got back to camp Keswick and had a shower and prepared ourselves for dinner. My highlight of day one was sleeping and my low light was the Nature Walk.

2013 Highlights Of The Year

My highlight of the year was going  to camp, involved in sports and meeting new friends. At camp we got to do a lot of fun things, see and touch different types of sheep, explore around the Waiotapu Thermal Park and other things.

This year I was involved in many sports then I ever had been, I’ve made it into different sports teams and the teams have made it into Auckland Champs. I even meet some new friends in the beginning of the year.

My low light of the year is leaving Pt England School, I will dearly miss my friends and teachers. I will never forget the teachers who made me become a good Pt Englander. For the past 9 years I have loved this school so much I don’t want to leave but unfortunately I have to move on.

Next week Thursday will be my last time wearing the school uniform. I will always live by the motto Strive To Succeed. Pt England is always going to be in my heart and I will always be a Pt Englander. Pt England for life.

Year 8 Camp Highlights

My highlights of  camp was the Luge Rides, the Agrodome and the cabins. I loved Zooming down the hills and over taking my friends. The Agrodome was awesome learning more about sheep and what their abilities are. My cabin was like a kick back place with my friends, we will tell each other secrets,  mock eachother and make a lot of noise.

My lowlight of camp was the bad weather conditions, it rained nearly the whole time at camp except for when we arrived and left Keswick. I also had another low light of camp the long walks we will have, sorta did like it but the pathways were dirty and slippery.

I enjoyed every minute of camp and I do miss camp. I will like to go back someday with my family to visit. I recommend people who come from overseas to go to Rotorua theres a lot to explore, the Waiotapu Thermal Park, Agordome, The Luge, Blue Lake and many more.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Three years ago we had the opportunity to work with netbooks that were given to us as a gift. For the past years I’ve learned so much using this technology. Personally for me its a privilege to work with netbooks, but not only for me for many other kids in the Manaiakalani Cluster.

I have developed more skills from the sites Mr Barks has given me for example Math Whizz, Xtramath, teachers tools and many more. My netbook had helped me with my basic math facts,
it allowed me to accelerate in learning.

Its not only the teachers that teach me things, but also my friends. They taught me how to communicate over internet with different websites. I’ve also taught myself how to do things. I’ve learnt different strategies to help me out in maths using sites our teacher had given us with links to youtube videos. I’ve also learnt how to share my work with other people around the world.

Netbooks are very helpful!

2013 Year Reflection

In the start of the year I met new friends Serena, JayLee, Alexandria, Jessica, Mary I, Caroline, Grace and Eleva. There always there for me when I need them and we always go to sports events with each other. Unfortunately this will be the Year 8’s last year at Pt England and I’m very disappointed that I’ll be leaving. We will be separated from each other but keep in touch with one another. Half of our friends are going Auckland Girls and the other half are going Tamaki College.

It was the best last year I got to hang with new people and involved in many sports.
This year has past by fast, my bond with my friends have been very strong, we go everywhere together. I’ve enjoyed every bit of this year, the company of my friends and the fun memories I’ve created here. I will miss Pt England, my friends and teachers. Pt England to the blood.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Image: Play Fighting

A static image is an image that doesn't move. Everything you see that is a image but not moving is called a Static Image.

1. Describe what is the photo about? What does the background tell you? Tigers play fighting in the water, Enjoying themselves. Making a lot of movements in the water, splashing.

2. How does the photo make you feel? I feel happy and relaxed when I see this photo. Why because it looks like there enjoying themselves.

3. What is the interesting/unique thing in the photo? Usually there’s photos and videos of tigers/lions hugging a human but I’ve never seen a photo of a tiger cuddling/play fighting. This is an awesome photo

4. What affects you, looking at this photo? It shows that some tigers are humble and not aggressive.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Netball Team Outing

It was an amazing day out with my year 8  netball team 2. We went to Laser Strike, Tin Pin Bowling, Burger King and The Arcade Room. My favourite parts of the day out was The Arcade Games and Laser Strike. 

At Laser Strike I cheated I followed Alexandria and kept shooting her until her armour activated. At the end my score was 4560. I had an awesome time with my friends.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Life In Auckland vs Syria

I wake up to a bright light beaming through the curtains. I look at the time and its 8:00am. “Shoot! I’m running late” I shout. I quickly get dressed, clean my bed, brush my teeth and dash out the door skipping breakfast.

I wake up to bullets shooting through the room. I run to my mom's room and look out the window. “Another war happening!” I cry. I get down on my knees and close my eyes. I pray and pray to the Lord to help me and my family survive another day of horror.

I arrive at school and I check the time again. “It’s 8:30am” I say, right on time. I walk into class and sit down to wait for Mrs Nua to take the daily class roll. “Today is going to be a great day” I say and walk to my literacy group.

I open my eyes and realise that the gunshots have stopped. I look around and my mother is still peacefully deep into her sleep. “What to do?” I look around the room to do something for the day. No education, lacking clean clothes and no food to eat. “What to do?”

“Ring, Ring!” bell went. “Eating time” I say with excitement, I pack my stuff and ran to class. I walked outside and waited for my friends, afterwards my friends and I went to play on the field.

Everyday I think about my future am I going to wake up to gunshots every mornings, is my family and I going to survive another day, am I going to starve to death. Every Night I pray to the lord to guide us through the darkest hours.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Maths DLO

Working with Number Lines, if you have trouble with number lines this is a presentation that can help you a little to understand how number line works.

Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 Cross Country Reflection

The Cross Country fun run was amazing everyone had fun. I enjoyed cheering for my House Colour “Tainui”. I'm one of the Vice Captains for Tainui and being one of the Vice I need to cheer for my team and be proud. I enjoyed watching Tainui coming first, second, third or even last.
I disliked nothing except when it was the year 8 girls turn I had butterflies and I sort of wanted to fake an injury. But everything else was fun and cool.
Next time I think I should try my best and not be lazy and represent my House Colour, Loud and Proud. Hope next year Tainui will come first and keep there fitness up. "GO TAINUI!!!"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

This week creative strand has been fun, working with my friends, sharing my camera knowledge and laughing at the mistakes we made.
One of our group members deleted her part of the video because she didn't want the audience to laugh at her. So our movie was short and boring. We had little time to make our movie because Monday - Team 5 Assembly, Tuesday - we had Teach, Wednesday - film the movie, Thursday - Netball Tournament and Friday - Reflection.
Nothing was interesting because we had little time to make our movie.

We learnt how to make a proper planning storyboard.
Make our movie longer but not really long. Co-operate with my group so we can finish our movie.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maths Goal For This Term

This term my goal is trying my best in everything and to take my time to answer the maths problems instead of rushing through and not finishing it off properly. Also I'm going to try and turn the red boxes into green or yellow in Tracking my success. I also need to ask the teacher when ever I need help and to work quietly to accelerate my learning.

My Next Steps For Maths

In Room 22 our teacher Mr Barks has been updating us with how we have been doing in Maths. He first makes a presentation then tracks our success in maths. so later on we can hop on and see how we have been doing. This helps us to accelerate our learning. For example the photo on the bottom shows the things he puts in the presentation. The green shows that I know all the strategies to all the questions and the red shows I need to learn the strategies. The link also leads to the site Teachers Tool, if you want you can check it out to help you out.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Maths Art Work

My picasso looking maths art work.

Term 2 Maths Goals

Next term I'm going to be setting a goal for me to help me out with my 3 seconds multiplication on xtramath. I will also be more committed to learn some techniques and strategy so I can move on to 2 seconds addition. I need to stay focused and learn my multiplications if I want to move on to the next level of success. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Joshua Iosefo

It was a great opportunity to have Joshua Iosefo at our school and teaching us about the value of our voices. In one of our sessions he told us to write about his scribble he drew on the whiteboard. It was quite hard in the beginning but then it got easier to express our feelings in our writing.

During our session with him we had to write about a subject we will talk about if we were standing in front of the world. My subject I wrote about was “Bullying” and how it affects teens around the world. We went around the room and shared our writing and original ideas.

He taught us many valuable things, like we can express our feelings in our writing, our voices are valuable and he said that “There’s no limit to writing” he inspired us to write from the heart and has captured our respect. I had fun writing and expressing my feelings in my writing.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Making Movie Reflection

For this activity I've enjoyed many things. Working with my friends, learning new things, filming and posting my work to my blog. I dislike that one of our member in our group didn't do anything to help us with our movie trailer. The most interesting thing I did this week was learning how to make trailer’s and how they make it interesting. I learned how to detach the audio from the video’s I'm using on iMovie. Next time I will try to make my movie trailer more interesting and that it has more titles to make it look like a real movie trailer.

Prospective Student Movie Trailer

M,M,P Movie Trailer from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.
This is a movie Mary I and I made for our literacy activity. Enjoy our awesome movie trailer.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospective Student Narrative Writing

As the young boy gripped tenuously on the unstable  rock, it suddenly fell and he was left dangling on the ledge of  a mountain. As quickly as he could he reacted and struggled to climb out of the situation he was in. Relieved and exhausted he was glad that he had reached his destination. At long last he had finally reached the dojo and thought to himself   “My dream of becoming a kung fu master is finally here”. I hope the sensei accepts me”, hopes the boy.

Anxious and curious he knocked on the dojo door with no idea on what to expect.  Suddenly the huge door opened and standing in front of the boy was the sensei. To show respect the young boy bowed, but the sensei pointed directly to his right and slammed the door. The young boy was confused and he thought to himself “What a waste of time”.

By not giving up and losing faith the young boy thought he had to prove himself worthy by meditating all day and night til the morning sunrise. Still deep in meditation, the boy did not realize that the sensei was standing in front of him. The boy opened one lazy eye and once again the sensei pointed to his right and slammed the door.

The hopeless boy dropped his head in sadness and walks away. Suddenly he had changed his emotions, from depressed to furious. He stormed back to the dojo and karate kicked the enormous door down. The sensei came out again. “I challenge you to a karate battle!” demanded the boy. The sensei pointed in frustration to his right. Turning his head the boy notice the sign that the sensei had been pointing at. “PLEASE USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE!” said the sign. Embarrassed and feeling dumb the boy curled his arms up like a girl and walked onwards.   

The video we were describing in our writing, Here is the link: Click Here
Written By Jouan, Jorja and I

Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Decimal Game

If I had to rate this game out of 5 I will rate it 5/5. My personal opinion is that I think this website has a lot of different learning activities and it gives you a chance to learn new things. I recommand this for people who want to learn the place value's of decimals. 
This is the link for the site I found the game, click here

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Xtramath Improvement

Today I have improved my divisions on Xtramath. Yesterday I got only 9 smiley faces and today I got 35. I am proud of myself and I have improved.

I'm Still Learning

Im Great At..

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Rewena Bread - Procedure

In Room 22 we are learning to make ' Rewena Bread '.  We have started our investigation on what we need in order to make the ' Rewena Bread ' here is the procedure. Ingredients are listed below! - 1 medium sliced potato- 1 cup of water- 2 cups of flour- 1 teaspoon of sugar-  A little bit of water on your hand! 

Place your potato in a a pot all sliced up with a cup of water that should be sufficient to cover it.  (  Boil until cooked ) , then leave till lukewarm ( DO NOT drain the water ) Mash the potato.

Carefully add flour and sugar to the pot, mixed until ingredients are combined firm light paste ( You have to use lukewarm water to the mixture as it gets dry). It will have small lumps, Don't worry these will break down as the procedure continues.

Pour into a bowl big enough for the bug to rise. After pouring the mixture cover the lid loosely with baking paper. Then leave in a warm place to ferment, over the next day or so the bug will have to be fed to maintain fermentation: 1 teaspoon of sugar and half a cup of lukewarm potato water. Once it starts to rise and form bubbles, it's time to add the rest of the ingredients to make rewena bread.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Juice Recipe

JayLee, Huelo-ata and I made this juice recipe.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Explain Ready!

Huelo-ata and I have been observing the word Digest and finding out what it mean't without using the word Digest in our sentences. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Will.I.Am's First Maori Hongi

This was amazing to see Will.I.Am at Pt England School donating one hundred thousand dollars to the Manaiakalani Education Trust. At our very important event, there was a scene where Patrick and Will.I.Am did a Maori Hongi. The hongi is a very traditional Maori greeting in New Zealand, and this was Will.I.Am's first ever Hongi. In this photo I captured Patrick and Will.I.Am doing the Hongi.

Will.I.Am Came To Our School

The big question was, ‘Who was the famous person coming to our school?’ Some people thought that it was our Prime Minister, John Key but, as soon as Mr Burt announced that the person who was coming  had musical abilities, then suddenly everyone thought twice about their guess. We were all eager and excited to find out who the mysterious VIP was?

It was time to assemble into the school hall and seeing all the media made this event seem very extraordinary. We were surrounded by video cameras associated with Tv producers who would have screened this event on NZ channels, we immediately thought “Obviously if there are a lot of cameras it has to be someone very special!’. Trying to keep still in our seats was very hard as our mysterious VIP was running late.

Our mysterious VIP had finally arrived at our school with prefects surrounding him. As soon as he entered the hall , it was a jaw dropping moment and it just felt so surreal for him to actually be here . The mysterious person  wasn’t mysterious anymore we all looked up Starstruck to actually see  ‘WILL.I.AM!! walking down the aisle  Yes, the artist from America whose album has recently gone platinum here in NZ and who is a member in the band ‘ Black Eye Peas ‘
WILL.I.AM kindly donated one hundred thousand dollars to our Manaiakalani Education Trust as a gift to support the schools in the Tamaki Cluster Zone. For us personally we are so thankful for his generosity to our school and for his inspirational speech he had spoken to us about. We really do wish him the best in his music career and god bless <3

By JayLee, Huelo-ata and I

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Year 7&8 Camp Argument

We believe that having no year 7 and 8 camp is like having no freedom and takes away valuable opportunities to experience the outdoors with our schoolmates. Camp fosters friendship, leadership, cooperation and builds up our confidence. The most important thing in camp is having fun. Therefore we think we should have a year seven and eight camp.

Camp gives us a valuable opportunity to experience the outdoors. For example if you've never kayaked before than camp is your chance to try it. Even if you've done this before as many year sevens and eights would have, it would give us the chance to gain even more confidence.

The year seven and eight camp also fosters new friendships or strengthens current friendships and allows us to show our leadership potential. You might get the chance to lead your team, help someone else if you’re an expert or be a good role model in your group. Because you are mixed up, not just in your own friendship group, you have to co-operate as a team and this helps you to develop your bond with others.

Our opinion is that we should have a year seven and eight camp, I trust you will now consider our idea for 2013 year seven and eight camp.

By Huelo-ata, JayLee and I

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I'm Still Learning..

Im Great At...

Similes And Metaphors

Alan Duff

Alan Duff is one of New Zealand's famous Authors. One day Alan came to Pt England School and told us about how he began to write books. Alan Duff is amazing, he wrote and also directed the movie 'Once We're Worriers' which is based on his personal experience. One of the facts I've found out about him was that Alan Duff lives in France. The second fact I found out about him was some of his books and movies are based on his personal experience.

My Good Friend JayLee

JayLee short black and brown hair, medium brown skin, gorgeous and awesome. Most times she always has a beautiful big smile as her appearance.

When it comes to sports Jay is very competitive, rough and encouraging. For her spare time she likes to crack jokes about herself and her family. My personal opinion on her is that she is very intelligent and is always unique.

JayLee’s interests are Sports, Education, Internet, Singing, Food and Chocolate. Jay’s most favourite interests is Sports, she plays sports everyday. She always sings when she’s bored or has nothing to do. Eating food is her main thing she’s likes to do she loves her food.

JayLee and I enjoy many things together. We mostly like to crack jokes about each other, we also like to play rugby at lunchtimes. The main thing we LOVE! to do is laugh alot. JayLee is my good friend.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Maths What I Know

What do I Know? I know how to do addition and factors.
About what I'm Learning? I am learning how to do subtractions in an easier way and how to work it out with in a simple way.
Do I understand? I do not understand the measurement section Maths Whizz
What I don't get? I don't understand the task therefore I struggle to complete it.,

Monday, March 11, 2013

Softball Semi&Finals

The highlight for my day at softball was the Semi Finals and Grand Finals. At our grand finals we were challenging against St Thomas Intermediate. We knew that if we Win then we could make it to the grand finals and challenge Bailey Road. My position was “Outfielder”, whenever there was a high ball coming my way my job was to catch it. “Full Game!”  the ref says. It was victory everyone did a great job at their positions.

It was time for our grand finals game, we knew it was gonna be a difficult game against Bailey road. JayLee was our captain she told us “We can’t give up now, we’ve already proven ourselves we can do this, Champions Never Give Up!”.

The pitcher for Bailey road was a professional pitcher she played for clubs. The first batter up was Rita she was one of our strongest members in the team. “GO RITA!” the team shouted, DING! “YAY RUN RUN!” the team shouts and cheers this was really interesting for us. “HOME RUN” the ref says.

Next up was JayLee she had a really strong arm to hit, “GO JAY” everyone shouts. DING! “YAY another Home Run” the team cheers. “Oh No!” it was my turn to bat, I was really nervous. DING! unfortunately I got out. But I was happy that I got to have a turn hitting a really fast pitch.

The game had ended, and everyone was desperate to know who won. “Bailey Road Won” miss replies, “OHHH well done Bailey” everyone says. After a while everyone was moaning that we didn’t get to have our bat. The person who set the field had explain that we won and how.

“YEAH!” everyone screams, Mrs Va'afusuaga says that it is there first time taking two teams to the championships on the same day. When we arrived at school we celebrated with yummy Ice Blocks.

Friday, March 8, 2013

I'm Great At

I Am Still Learning To....

It Was A Hot Day

The sun shone on me from above, It felt like I was blazing in the fire. We haven't even started trails and I was already sweating. “ Woah the sun is on FIRE! ”. The atmosphere was turning into a desert, I was surrounded by heat waves. My feet felt like they were sizzling, just by standing on the ground. Instead of drinking cold and refreshing water from the refrigerator, I had warm water from the tap. My heart was pounding and my legs were exhausted, I’m thinking in my head “I need shade!”. It felt like the sun was sucking energy out of me. The wind gently blew across my face, it was nice and breezy. “FINALLY! training is over”, and I head off for a cold shower.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Writing Sample 2013

This morning we all completed our first Writing Sample for 2013. I have posted it just as I wrote it in the 40 minutes that we were given, so that throughout the Year I will be able to look back and reflect on the progress I have made in my writing. I will post my learning goals from this soon.

It was another day at class and everyone was here ready to learn. “Wait where’s Jay Lee, I’ve never seen her miss a day of school”. The next day I’m sitting in my desk and the bell rings, I’m thinking in my head “Jay Lee ain’t here again”.

I look around to see where Huelo-ata was, she wasn’t here. “Where are my friends”. Everyday people had been disappearing one by one. It was weird, its like they were ghost’s.

Things started to creep me out. I was walking back home, and something catches my sight, my house was gone. At first I thought it was a ‘Sinkhole’ but there was no hole. There was no evidence, I got out my bike and rode around. I’m thinking in my head “What happened to my family, where are they”.

One thing disappears, then another thing has gone, and another, It felt like I was the only person alive. I looked around my school to see if there was anyone there. I looked in classrooms, the hall, the office and the staff room.

“Gosh I’m Hungry” I look inside the staff room fridge and I see a delicious sandwich. I reach out to grab it and as soon as I take a bite, it disappeared. I thought this was a good thing that people was disappearing because I was able to do anything I want, but food disappearing, “I can’t starve to death”.

Ring, Ring!” what is that noise, “Ring Ring!” I open my eyes. “Oh!” I was in disbelief, the whole time I was asleep, “Everything was a dream”. “ Nek Minute my dream comes true” I whisper gently to myself.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Show Not Tell

I’m jogging towards the the try line and I’m thinking in my head “Come on pass the ball to me” but as soon she passes it, my defender tags me. So I think to myself “How can I get a try without getting tagged”. Its my turn again and its my last attempt “Oh No!”. I’m jogging towards the try line again and as soon as I get the ball I sprint to the finish line....... fortunately it was a TRY!! YAY!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bio Poem

Kind, Cheesy, Fun, Loving , Respectful
Daughter of Luisa and Halikani. Sister of Elizabeth, Sione, Veimapu, Amelia and Tevita.
Lover of my family, food and sports.
Who feels excited when its the Holidays , happy when I hear laughter, and relaxed when I hear music.
Who has been to Tonga just once and places around New Zealand.
Who needs to learn more things,
Who fears sharks, heights and the sea, but cemeteries most of all.
Who would someday like to go explore Australia.
Student At Pt England School

Monday, February 11, 2013

Better Together

'Kia Pai Te Kotahi'
 Starring in this  movie is, Huelo-ataJayleePorscha, Cloe And Grace. This movie shows that it is always 'Better Together'. This movie was edited by MaryL and Jaylee. Hope you enjoy watching.