Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Camp Reflection

Camp was fun we explored many things around Rotorua and learnt many things. It was a great opportunity for my friends and I to spend time together. I experienced many things for example I got to see the Lady Knox Geyser and other things. I also got to share a cabin with some of my friends JayLee, Serena and Huelo-ata, we had the cleanest cabin. I had a blast at Keswick Camp and made my bond with others stronger.

Thanks to all the parents who spared there time to come along with us it was a blessing.

Day 1 At Keswick Camp

We arrive at school prepared to take a 4-5 hour bus trip to Rotorua. On the way to Rotorua we stopped at places to take a site walk or have lunch. After a long period of time in the bus we finally arrived at Keswick Christian Camp. Before we went lurking off we got told some information about Keswick.

The bus driver unpacked the bags out of his bus a minute later I see my bag. I run to my cabin dragging my bags, I get there and I’ve seen Serena and JayLee have begs there bed already, So I grab the lower bed of the bunk.

Mrs Langitupu walked and shouted “5 more minutes guys before we go on our walk”, we get into our shorts and trainers and run out and meet at our meeting place. We arrive at a public Nature Walk.

Apparently Mr Barks told us students that it will be a flat walk, Nek Minute as we got deeper into the bushes there were up hills and down hills “PMO” I shout. The walk took us about half an hour for all the students some were left behind and some were in front. It was a 4k Nature Walk it was frustrating and exhausting walk.

We got back to camp Keswick and had a shower and prepared ourselves for dinner. My highlight of day one was sleeping and my low light was the Nature Walk.

2013 Highlights Of The Year

My highlight of the year was going  to camp, involved in sports and meeting new friends. At camp we got to do a lot of fun things, see and touch different types of sheep, explore around the Waiotapu Thermal Park and other things.

This year I was involved in many sports then I ever had been, I’ve made it into different sports teams and the teams have made it into Auckland Champs. I even meet some new friends in the beginning of the year.

My low light of the year is leaving Pt England School, I will dearly miss my friends and teachers. I will never forget the teachers who made me become a good Pt Englander. For the past 9 years I have loved this school so much I don’t want to leave but unfortunately I have to move on.

Next week Thursday will be my last time wearing the school uniform. I will always live by the motto Strive To Succeed. Pt England is always going to be in my heart and I will always be a Pt Englander. Pt England for life.

Year 8 Camp Highlights

My highlights of  camp was the Luge Rides, the Agrodome and the cabins. I loved Zooming down the hills and over taking my friends. The Agrodome was awesome learning more about sheep and what their abilities are. My cabin was like a kick back place with my friends, we will tell each other secrets,  mock eachother and make a lot of noise.

My lowlight of camp was the bad weather conditions, it rained nearly the whole time at camp except for when we arrived and left Keswick. I also had another low light of camp the long walks we will have, sorta did like it but the pathways were dirty and slippery.

I enjoyed every minute of camp and I do miss camp. I will like to go back someday with my family to visit. I recommend people who come from overseas to go to Rotorua theres a lot to explore, the Waiotapu Thermal Park, Agordome, The Luge, Blue Lake and many more.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Netbook Reflection 2013

Three years ago we had the opportunity to work with netbooks that were given to us as a gift. For the past years I’ve learned so much using this technology. Personally for me its a privilege to work with netbooks, but not only for me for many other kids in the Manaiakalani Cluster.

I have developed more skills from the sites Mr Barks has given me for example Math Whizz, Xtramath, teachers tools and many more. My netbook had helped me with my basic math facts,
it allowed me to accelerate in learning.

Its not only the teachers that teach me things, but also my friends. They taught me how to communicate over internet with different websites. I’ve also taught myself how to do things. I’ve learnt different strategies to help me out in maths using sites our teacher had given us with links to youtube videos. I’ve also learnt how to share my work with other people around the world.

Netbooks are very helpful!

2013 Year Reflection

In the start of the year I met new friends Serena, JayLee, Alexandria, Jessica, Mary I, Caroline, Grace and Eleva. There always there for me when I need them and we always go to sports events with each other. Unfortunately this will be the Year 8’s last year at Pt England and I’m very disappointed that I’ll be leaving. We will be separated from each other but keep in touch with one another. Half of our friends are going Auckland Girls and the other half are going Tamaki College.

It was the best last year I got to hang with new people and involved in many sports.
This year has past by fast, my bond with my friends have been very strong, we go everywhere together. I’ve enjoyed every bit of this year, the company of my friends and the fun memories I’ve created here. I will miss Pt England, my friends and teachers. Pt England to the blood.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Static Image: Play Fighting

A static image is an image that doesn't move. Everything you see that is a image but not moving is called a Static Image.

1. Describe what is the photo about? What does the background tell you? Tigers play fighting in the water, Enjoying themselves. Making a lot of movements in the water, splashing.

2. How does the photo make you feel? I feel happy and relaxed when I see this photo. Why because it looks like there enjoying themselves.

3. What is the interesting/unique thing in the photo? Usually there’s photos and videos of tigers/lions hugging a human but I’ve never seen a photo of a tiger cuddling/play fighting. This is an awesome photo

4. What affects you, looking at this photo? It shows that some tigers are humble and not aggressive.