Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five Facts About Argentina......

This is facts about the country Argentina and around Argentina. I hope you enjoy the photo's.


Miss K said...

Have you researched the Rio de la Plata or the fabulous neighbourhood of La Boca?
Do you know what a gaucho is?
I love that you guys are learning about so many countries at the moment.
Miss King

Turuhira said...

Hi Mary,

I love your information about Argentina. I'm also studying about Argentina. Thanks for the Information. I am trying to put all my ideas into the one sentence. I try and try but then I delete and delete. Argentina is so cool.

Nice Facts About Argentina.

Osana said...

Love the information and the pics and as Miss King said have you searched Rio de la Plata, it's an amazing place you should visit in the furture anyway KEEP IT UP!!!!!