Friday, August 23, 2013

2013 Cross Country Reflection

The Cross Country fun run was amazing everyone had fun. I enjoyed cheering for my House Colour “Tainui”. I'm one of the Vice Captains for Tainui and being one of the Vice I need to cheer for my team and be proud. I enjoyed watching Tainui coming first, second, third or even last.
I disliked nothing except when it was the year 8 girls turn I had butterflies and I sort of wanted to fake an injury. But everything else was fun and cool.
Next time I think I should try my best and not be lazy and represent my House Colour, Loud and Proud. Hope next year Tainui will come first and keep there fitness up. "GO TAINUI!!!"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Creative Strand Reflection

This week creative strand has been fun, working with my friends, sharing my camera knowledge and laughing at the mistakes we made.
One of our group members deleted her part of the video because she didn't want the audience to laugh at her. So our movie was short and boring. We had little time to make our movie because Monday - Team 5 Assembly, Tuesday - we had Teach, Wednesday - film the movie, Thursday - Netball Tournament and Friday - Reflection.
Nothing was interesting because we had little time to make our movie.

We learnt how to make a proper planning storyboard.
Make our movie longer but not really long. Co-operate with my group so we can finish our movie.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Maths Goal For This Term

This term my goal is trying my best in everything and to take my time to answer the maths problems instead of rushing through and not finishing it off properly. Also I'm going to try and turn the red boxes into green or yellow in Tracking my success. I also need to ask the teacher when ever I need help and to work quietly to accelerate my learning.

My Next Steps For Maths

In Room 22 our teacher Mr Barks has been updating us with how we have been doing in Maths. He first makes a presentation then tracks our success in maths. so later on we can hop on and see how we have been doing. This helps us to accelerate our learning. For example the photo on the bottom shows the things he puts in the presentation. The green shows that I know all the strategies to all the questions and the red shows I need to learn the strategies. The link also leads to the site Teachers Tool, if you want you can check it out to help you out.