Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mary L My 2010 Refelection

This year I’ve enjoyed camp,making movies,trips and google apps. Learning about Google Apps was the most amazing thing making my new password was really hard to think of and remembering my crazy number was really easy. Things that I like to do more often is helping people like my teachers or friends. To work harder I have to keep on task to make our movies and not be lazy. Some of my memories were quiet funny but the best memory was going to camp Kayaking,Rock Climbing,Skate Land,Ten Pin Bowling and the final best swimarma we went to the swimming pool because it was our last day. My goal for next year is to make it into talent camp for the year 6 Netball Team. The best way to learn for me is to go into groups and talk about it or you can sit on the floor while your teacher explains what to learn. The most thing that I’ve improved is filming and exporting.