Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thinking About The Past, Netball

Ring Ring! The bell rang “yes” I whispered to myself, Ramona and I ran to the hall with excitement in our tummies hoping that our game doesn't cancel like last weeks game. Searching and searching I did not see my uniform until Miss Va’afusuanga said “oh I left it at home” so she left school to get my uniform. I waited and waited and in the distance I see Miss Va’afusuanga walking slowly holding a bag, I was happy. After I had got changed we had delicious snack’s that was in the staff room and a little of Ms Nua’s food she brought from home. Then it was time to go, so we got into two groups and went in separate cars. We arrived at the courts ready for our game and hoped that we will win, at the end of our game we won and was really happy.

Typing Tutor Certificate

This is my lesson three certificate and I am really proud of myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Typing Certificate

This is my second typing certificate from try it out you might get one like me.

My Best Qr Writing

This Qr is representing my best writing I am proud of and I hope you enjoy it.


For a few weeks Rm 18 has been having lessons of badminton and was trained by a professional instructor. We had some beginners that were really confident and some that were struggling. After learning and getting the handle of it we went into challenging with others. “I was really excited because I knew I wasn't going to miss a hit, Jokes”.

The lessons we did was backhand, forehand, under legs and how to hold a racket properly. Some lessons were boring and some were funny, but the trick shots were interesting to watch. After watching the lessons we haded to find a partner and try out the lessons we were told to do. The lesson I liked the most was when we had to trust our partner chucking the shuttle and try to hit the it between the legs.

I really loved it, with the good and funny times we had, it was a really great experience for my class. I hope I can see them again next year and do badminton again too. “I LOVE BADMINTON”!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My Sick Days

All tucked up into bed,warm and snugly to get better. Sick and not going to school, boring. Staying home is quiet cool but sometimes uninteresting, there’s nothing to do at home but lie down. Sick is not really fun but is cool because you don’t do work. After a few days I was back on my feet, ready to go school. I arrived at school happy and exited to be back from sickness, in the distance I see Jasmine walking up. As she came closer and closer I shouted out “HI”. She sat down with me and whispered “Its my BIRTHDAY” I stood up and gave her a big hug and said “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASMINE”. We ate some delicious afghan cookies which her mum and dad, with chocolate fudge and a marvelous cake which they brought.It felt good to be back at school, with all my friends and teachers is where I feel good the most.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Typing Tutor Certificate

This certificate proof's my typing skills and evidence of learning.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cross Country!! For Year 8 And 7

This week the year seven’s and eight’s had Cross Country. Some competitors were nervous and some were confident. I was ready because I didn't feel neither of them cause I am an year six and my job was to be a marshal, to make sure all the competitors go the right way, it was fun. While the competitors came past I cheered and clapped for them for courage. Finaly Cross Country was over, meeting everyone back at the courts to see who made it in to the intermediate zone.
It was an awsome day!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thinking About The Term!

My goal for term 3 is to listen, focus and to improve my academic levels.
This term I'm looking forward to cooking with my teacher Mr Barks and also learning about the Rugby World Cup. At school I'm working on focusing and not sneaking around with my Net-book.I try my best to improve in class and make my teacher proud. School is cool and I really enjoy learning about all kinds of stuff.
When I read I start to build my comprehension in reading.