Thursday, December 2, 2010

Swimming Thoughts

On the beginning of term 4 we had a mysterious thing on our netball courts kids and parents were very exited. That mysterious thing was a big pool. Pt England kids were extremely happy to swim in it. The first class to swim in the pool was Rm 23. On Tuesdays we room 14 swim, when we went into the pool the water was icy cold. But there was one more thing a man came and said ‘’Hi’’ and introduce his name his name was Chris. 1 week later Chris said that there was water polo, snorkeling and life surfing coming soon and said to chose one of them I chose water polo. On Tuesday it was water polo day and swimming, Tuesdays were my day at water polo two men called Ben and Matt was our teachers for water polo. First we had to get into teams like 1 2 3 4. 1 and 2 had to put on caps and hop in the pool 3 and 4 had to sit outside for there turns. When it was our turn I was goal keeper, Litia and Tui was cheering for me. Mat and Ben told us what to do and this is what we did we had to catch the ball with one hand the goal keeper had to catch the ball with 2 hands. Matt was our ref the first thing that the ref does is blow the whistle and the teams have to swim to the ball. Lunch was over out we go and change. “That was fun” I shouted.