Friday, October 28, 2011

My Hometown Parade

To my absolute amazement, I saw a parade happening at Glen Innes so I begged my mum if we could go she said “Yes” I was exited. We arrived at the parade and saw people representing there culture and some dressing up as fairy-tales it was fun. A lady near-by asked if I liked to try some popcorn “CRUNCH, CRUNCH!” the popcorn was nice, sweet, crunchy and also salty, so I sweetly asked my mum if I could bye one pack, she said back “Yep”. Happily walking towards us was my little brothers friends from his Maris rugby team he asked my mum if he can hang around with them and she said yes so it was my mum and me.
My mum and I explored GI, looking for something to do. After a while my mum left my little brother and I to go touch animals at the parade, my brother Tevita and I was enjoying patting the animals. There was sheep's, a pig, a goat with its two babies, ducks, hamsters, birds and my favourite one the rabbit. Minutes went past and it was time to go home and have a nap.

I was exhausted after an awesome day at the parade. I will love to go to another GI parade someday.

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