Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Little Brother's Birthday Celebration

On November 27 it was my little brother’s birthday and also my cousin, we did allot of fun things for my brother’s celebration, first we went to the duck pond for a wake up call at the duck pond my mum, Tevita (little brother) and I built sand castle and all sort of stuff it was so much fun. We head back home to get ready for our next activity, Swimming. We arrived at the swimming pools all dressed up, my little brother and I was really excited, we got into the pool and started swimming. I was starting to get bored playing around myself while my brother played with a boy he meet, I changed pools and walked over to the small pools, all of a sudden sadden I saw Andrea swimming with her cousin Hope I jumped in and stated to play with her. It was five o’clock it was time for me to go, Tevita and I was exhausted that when we arrived at home we went to bed then after we slept we ate K.F.C and it was delicious.

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