Friday, April 27, 2012

My Adventure To Davenport (North-head)

We arrived at Davenport ready for a great time exploring the tunnels and caves. We ran up the hill really excited then this all changed, I looked down to see how far up we were. But not that far it was about three meters down. I had confidence in me and said “this is easy” my brothers looked at me and replied back “then go first”. I struggled a little to stay on my feet but then I slipped and slid down. I stood up and dusted myself and watched my brothers and sisters  struggling (it was hilarious). I found a stairway that lead down to creepy tunnels my brother and I went and hide. My sisters walked in quietly calling our names. ROAR!!!. They looked at us with smiles and laughed at us we laughed along with them.

I love my adventure at Davenport I wish we can visit again but this time on my birthday. BEST HOLIDAY!.

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