Friday, July 20, 2012

Holiday Highlight

I thought to myself this was going to be a boring holiday because we weren't going to do anything. On Friday I woke up to a phone call that my teacher rang and asked if I was allowed to go to the GI Centre. I was so excited, cause I was going to see my friends. Next morning I got up so early to get change then I had to wait until it was 10:00 I couldn't wait much longer. I looked at the clock to see if it was time 10:00 it was time. My mum dropped me off but before I could go I had to see if any of my friends here I looked carefully but none of them were here. It was going on to 10:15 and I see arriving is my teacher Mrs Lagitupu  with her son Kingston. I kissed my mum goodbye, I walk inside looking for the ‘Art Section’ inside the art section I found ‘Brooklyn’ and her sister ‘Arianna’ painting and making faces, I join in with them.

It was nearly time for Brooklyn to leave but before she left her, Rita and I had to finish of the lollie lay we were making it was so long, and also get a balloon sword from the balloon artist it was cool. Then before we could go we had a feast Chocolate cake, mandarin and sandwiches. But when we off to go the Mai FM crew needed help putting their tent up so we helped them. After helping then they gave us some free stuff which was Wax, bread and lollies. It was so fun.

Best holiday highlight, it was so fun playing, drawing and also fighting with our sword balloons.

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