Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Year 7&8 Camp Argument

We believe that having no year 7 and 8 camp is like having no freedom and takes away valuable opportunities to experience the outdoors with our schoolmates. Camp fosters friendship, leadership, cooperation and builds up our confidence. The most important thing in camp is having fun. Therefore we think we should have a year seven and eight camp.

Camp gives us a valuable opportunity to experience the outdoors. For example if you've never kayaked before than camp is your chance to try it. Even if you've done this before as many year sevens and eights would have, it would give us the chance to gain even more confidence.

The year seven and eight camp also fosters new friendships or strengthens current friendships and allows us to show our leadership potential. You might get the chance to lead your team, help someone else if you’re an expert or be a good role model in your group. Because you are mixed up, not just in your own friendship group, you have to co-operate as a team and this helps you to develop your bond with others.

Our opinion is that we should have a year seven and eight camp, I trust you will now consider our idea for 2013 year seven and eight camp.

By Huelo-ata, JayLee and I

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