Monday, July 1, 2013

Joshua Iosefo

It was a great opportunity to have Joshua Iosefo at our school and teaching us about the value of our voices. In one of our sessions he told us to write about his scribble he drew on the whiteboard. It was quite hard in the beginning but then it got easier to express our feelings in our writing.

During our session with him we had to write about a subject we will talk about if we were standing in front of the world. My subject I wrote about was “Bullying” and how it affects teens around the world. We went around the room and shared our writing and original ideas.

He taught us many valuable things, like we can express our feelings in our writing, our voices are valuable and he said that “There’s no limit to writing” he inspired us to write from the heart and has captured our respect. I had fun writing and expressing my feelings in my writing.

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Tes Taliauli said...

Hi Mary,
I enjoyed reading your writing on what you learned from Joshua Iosefo. I was also happy with your sentence structure and english. Looking forward to more posts from you.