Monday, June 13, 2011

Meter Swim

For the last few days, we Room 18 has been swimming at the Y.M.C.A pools we have practicing how to swim METERS! if we were in a situation of drowning we would have to swim and that’s why we are swimming meters far. I have practise allot and I have improved, for the first time I swam 2 and a half meters but now I have swam 20m, my goal was I trying to beat my highest meter swim and I could not. Some people like Tyla and Kingston had the highest meter swim ever. My goal that I was trying to reach was beating my meter swim. After swimming we will have a 5 minute change and if you came out early you get bonus points for being good. Everybody in the class was really exhausted of swimming and had to run to school if we didn't keep with the group Mr Barks will make us run and do push ups and that will be difficult after swimming.

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