Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tamaki College

For the last few weeks, team 4 had an opportunity to go to Tamaki college and do fun activities with the year 12 students, we were really excited and shocked, I thinked to myself why us and not the older kids. When we arrived at Tamaki College we got split into groups, a few of my group members were getting entertained by our leaders with the game bull rush,touch, across the ocean, over the fence and human chain the most favourite one I liked the most was Human Chain I liked it because it was fun and interesting. At the end of the day we always get treats well actually not always only sometimes but still I had a great time. While we were playing bull rush two girls slipped on the muddy grass and was not hurt but was crying we were laughing but it wasn't really that funny after a while they started to laugh about it. After a few weeks it was the last day of fitness we had so much fun and was really sad in a happy way we said our goodbyes in the end of the session and said our thanks, I was really hoping that we could see each other in the future I wondered.

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