Thursday, August 25, 2011


For a few weeks Rm 18 has been having lessons of badminton and was trained by a professional instructor. We had some beginners that were really confident and some that were struggling. After learning and getting the handle of it we went into challenging with others. “I was really excited because I knew I wasn't going to miss a hit, Jokes”.

The lessons we did was backhand, forehand, under legs and how to hold a racket properly. Some lessons were boring and some were funny, but the trick shots were interesting to watch. After watching the lessons we haded to find a partner and try out the lessons we were told to do. The lesson I liked the most was when we had to trust our partner chucking the shuttle and try to hit the it between the legs.

I really loved it, with the good and funny times we had, it was a really great experience for my class. I hope I can see them again next year and do badminton again too. “I LOVE BADMINTON”!

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