Friday, August 10, 2012


Phew!! Basketball is hard, because of the skills. After basketball I felt exhausted and tired but I learnt some fun skills. Every Thursday’s Room 21 goes to the hard courts to play basketball. I enjoy going to basketball but sometimes when the skill he is teaching is hard we cheat which is funny because we always fail. To start we had to get into a line of five it was Mary I, Makerita, Senolita, Te Roimata and I. After finishing the skill Makerita and I will always do our fantastic handshake.

Some of the skills we learnt was dribbling the ball, moving the ball around your waste. Most of us failed doing the skill or tried our best to finish it off properly. Shae and Tai is our instructors that help us to learn some of basketball skills. Next time when we go basketball I will like to set a goal for me. I like playing basketball because it’s a lot of fun when you shoot the ball into the hoop, it's like Netball my netball is my kind of type.

After the session we headed back to the street for lunch. Hope next time we don’t cheat. It was an exhausting game. This week basketball I didn't go because I had hip hop practise. Playing sports is fun and cool because you play with your friends and also learn different skills you didn’t know.

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