Thursday, August 30, 2012

Making Good Choicies

“All Right!!” I say while walking to the Life Caravan. I’m excited to learn how to make good choices and keep my body system healthy. We arrived at the Life Caravan and the teachers that was going to take that session was Lynn and Angela.

Your body is special and unique and noone could ever replace you. But if you take drugs that are bad some bad stuff happens to your body, and to change you have to keep away from bad drugs and chemicals.

The side effects for smoking are really bad. You will get lung cancer, heart attack or a stroke. But the most bad thing is smoking around your kids why because  the kids will pick up the smoke and breath it in. So make sure you don’t cause bad things to your kids. You could be addicted to nicotine and there are about 4000 chemicals in one smoke. If you really want to quit smoking call for help or talk about it with your family members or someone else you trust.

Drugs and alcohol are bad things that could cause you to death. Some teenagers can be addicted to alcohol which bad, the body tries getting rid of the alcohol but as they drink lots it tries processing.

When I grow up I will never Smoke and I will never take bad drugs or alcohol, I just want a really good reputation.

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