Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pt England vs Koru

“MAN ITS HOT!” It was a hot and sunny afternoon and the rugby girls had their semi finals. The team they were going to play against was Koru. Pt England girls were going to work hard to beat this other team to go to the grand finals. Time past’s and the crowd are cheering and going wild waiting for the P.E girls to try a score. After a while Pesi has the ball I wait patiently waiting for a move, “GO PESI!” I hear I look straight ahead and see Pesi defending and shuffling. “TRY” the referee says “YEAH!!” I shouted and the crowd goes wild.

It was nearly half time and the bell was about to ring. Sitting from the sideline I felt this was a hard game for Koru because of the defence the girls were giving and the hard tackles. RING RING! the bell rang everybody went to class except for Room 21 we had to stay there and give our support to the girls. We cheered and had our own Chit Chats. I was mostly watching my good friend Jay Lee because of her BIG tackles and defending. The whistle blows and Stephanie kicks the ball out  full game its over I think to myself ‘Who WON’. My teacher explains. The score was Three tries all which was a tie so they had to keep playing and Koru had the last try so Koru Won.

It was a tough game for the rugby girls and they did well. Congrats to the girls you guys lost but in our hearts you guys won, hard luck next time.

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