Friday, September 7, 2012

Video Chatting

We arrived at the airport for my sister and my mum to go Aussie, why because they were going to stay there and teach my older sister how to look after her baby. On Sunday my sister had her baby Avar who is a baby boy. Avar was born on Sunday the 26th of August but before he was born my Dad’s birthday was on Saturday the 25th of August.

It was a cold afternoon and my Dad came home, “DAD!” my sister shouts “LOOK!”. We look and from Aussie was my sister Vei who took a flight to Victoria, Australia with my mum. She was Skyping with my sister Amelia. After a while my mum comes out of the Kitchen, “HI MUM!” I say she replies “Hi” and then after my mum came my older sister Elizabeth came. We had a long chat time passed and it was 8:00 it was my bedtime.

I was so happy to see my sister and mother, I really miss them and its also fun without them because the kids get more stuff.

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