Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Narrative Writing

One day dad decided to do a paint job on the walls. The walls looked old and rugged so Jack (dad) decided to change the wall colour BLUE. The others relaxed while Jack did the paint job.

John age Seven, loves to play outside all the time with his dog Lucky. Lucky is a lovable dog who loves his food and gets tummy rubs after his dinner. Lynn age 54 mother of Holly loves to garden and visit her family. The parents of all these children are Holly and Jack love each other and their children, they don’t really go out much.

Dad gets out the paint roller to repaint the walls and while he prepares it, the others are sitting on the couch relaxing. Rolling on the carpet is Lucky who is the active dog. The other do not pay attention to dad painting and all of a sudden “SPLASH!” they hear. They quickly turn there head to the big splash “HAHAHA!” his family laughs. Dad is stuck with paint splashed on his face, and the others are still giggling and laughing.

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Sylvia said...

Hi Mary,

Nice writing. I enjoyed the thoughtful ideas you put together on your own. Your vocabulary was good. I would be glad to read more of your ext posts. Happy Writing!