Monday, October 29, 2012

Tragic Life

Once upon a time, there lived two young children named Lynn and Jack. They lived in a small village where people didn’t have much money. The village didn’t have much food, they had to look for their food in the forest. Lynn and Jack stays with their Grandparents Johnny and Yvonne in a small cottage. There mother Jenny died from giving birth to Jack, Peter the father of these children didn’t want them so he was going to adopt. The parents of Jenny didn’t want the kids to go thru a rough patch so they decided to take them in. Its been a few years since Jenny died and Peter left them, Lynn and Jack are now 7 years old living a healthy life.

One day Johnny was getting sick and Yvonne was getting worried that he was going to die. Lynn and Jack didn’t want that to happen. “Hey Nena” says Jack “Yes my dear” replies Yvonne “Is Poppa going to be ok” Jack says “I’m not sure my darling” Yvonne replies. The next morning Yvonne asks Lynn and Jack to go find some food in the forest for Johnny to eat. Lynn and Jack got prepared to go out for an adventure for food. “You ready to go Jack” says Lynn “Yes I am Lynn” replies Jack. Out they go looking for some food. They go searching through the forest and couldn’t find any food they didn’t want to disappoint Yvonne so they kept looking. Time passes and night time is about to fall and they are panicking. “Have you found any food Lynn” shouts Jack “NO!” shouts Lynn.

“Come on lets go home” says Lynn “OK” says Jack. “Umm where are we” says Lynn “What do you mean where are we” says Jack panicking. “Sorry I have no idea” cries Lynn “Where lost” Jack cries. “LYNN, JACK!” shouts Yvonne “NENA!” shouts Jack. Jack and Lynn quickly runs listening to Yvonne’s voice. “There’s the light” says Jack “NENA!” shouts Lynn. Tears burst out of Lynn and Jack “I missed you” they cried. “Johnny is ok” Yvonne says “HE IS!!” replies Jack and Lynn, “Yeop” says Yvonne “He only needed a good sleep” Yvonne says they all laughed.

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