Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Good Friend JayLee

JayLee short black and brown hair, medium brown skin, gorgeous and awesome. Most times she always has a beautiful big smile as her appearance.

When it comes to sports Jay is very competitive, rough and encouraging. For her spare time she likes to crack jokes about herself and her family. My personal opinion on her is that she is very intelligent and is always unique.

JayLee’s interests are Sports, Education, Internet, Singing, Food and Chocolate. Jay’s most favourite interests is Sports, she plays sports everyday. She always sings when she’s bored or has nothing to do. Eating food is her main thing she’s likes to do she loves her food.

JayLee and I enjoy many things together. We mostly like to crack jokes about each other, we also like to play rugby at lunchtimes. The main thing we LOVE! to do is laugh alot. JayLee is my good friend.

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