Monday, March 11, 2013

Softball Semi&Finals

The highlight for my day at softball was the Semi Finals and Grand Finals. At our grand finals we were challenging against St Thomas Intermediate. We knew that if we Win then we could make it to the grand finals and challenge Bailey Road. My position was “Outfielder”, whenever there was a high ball coming my way my job was to catch it. “Full Game!”  the ref says. It was victory everyone did a great job at their positions.

It was time for our grand finals game, we knew it was gonna be a difficult game against Bailey road. JayLee was our captain she told us “We can’t give up now, we’ve already proven ourselves we can do this, Champions Never Give Up!”.

The pitcher for Bailey road was a professional pitcher she played for clubs. The first batter up was Rita she was one of our strongest members in the team. “GO RITA!” the team shouted, DING! “YAY RUN RUN!” the team shouts and cheers this was really interesting for us. “HOME RUN” the ref says.

Next up was JayLee she had a really strong arm to hit, “GO JAY” everyone shouts. DING! “YAY another Home Run” the team cheers. “Oh No!” it was my turn to bat, I was really nervous. DING! unfortunately I got out. But I was happy that I got to have a turn hitting a really fast pitch.

The game had ended, and everyone was desperate to know who won. “Bailey Road Won” miss replies, “OHHH well done Bailey” everyone says. After a while everyone was moaning that we didn’t get to have our bat. The person who set the field had explain that we won and how.

“YEAH!” everyone screams, Mrs Va'afusuaga says that it is there first time taking two teams to the championships on the same day. When we arrived at school we celebrated with yummy Ice Blocks.

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Darius L said...

Hi Mary L,

Wow! What an exciting game you're team is really good. Can't wait to hear how your team is going to do in the Auckland Champs! Keep up the good work