Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Story Behind Samoa's Flag....

This is the story behind Samoa's flag and I hope you enjoy it and understand.

The five stars on the Samoan flag represent the moonlight that shines at night and the colours mean,
blue for the blue crystal water
red for the beautiful land and helpful blood.


Turuhira said...

Hi Mary,
The Samoan flag is a very simple flag but has many things to interest you in. I love the samoans because they are coming to Glenn Innes.
Go Samoa!

From Tururhira

jaylee said...

Hello Mary L,

I love reading blog posts on your blog. It is great that you know about the Samoan flag because it shows that you are passionate about learning about the topic this term. Next time I think you just need to add or make a photo to give more detail of the flag you are describing.