Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pt England Cross Country

Weeks ago Pt England had Cross Country and everybody was nervous to competes but they tried. The yr 6 11 year old waited and waited until it our turn, standing up nervous that I was going to come last peopled cheered. In a straight line the girls were standing ready to go “BANG!” Mr Burt did a big clap, I started to jog butterflies filled my tummy.

While running I saw beautiful views and some ugly and smelly views too. The ocean was the most beautiful thing. Along my long run I saw yr seven’s as Marshall's to help along the way if we get lost and I also saw some teachers. It was when I got up to Miss King and in the distance I saw my sister walking with her friends. I started puffing and even started to get tired I was really exhausted and I really wanted to stop but I kept on going.

I was nearly to the end so I started to run and trying to beat others but I was too tired. So I pushed it and tyred my best, I was closed to the end so I started to sprint it, my hardest. As I went past the end people cheered “WOOHOOO!” I was proud.

It was a great opportunity for others and me and I finally made it to the end.

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