Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Hot Game Of Netball

For the first time at the beginning of the year we had lessons from a instructor Liz from the ATM Netball Courts. She came to our school to help us learn more about netball. It was going to be a great opportunity because I love the sport netball and I can use the skills when I am in action at the netball courts. I have good experience because I have been playing since I was in year 4. I have always wanted to play as a professional and I am going to follow that dream.

For a couple of weeks now,  Room 21 has been going to netball to learn techniques so we can become more professional, well only the girls. I was really excited but on the other hand it was an incredibly hot day. It was really hot. Nobody wanted to play at all, so instead we gave it a try. We learnt how to intercept, defend and attack. We also played a quick game called Netball tag, the aim of the game is to get as many members of the other team.

It was coming to a end of our fun because we were heading back to our class. It was going to be an exhausting walk after playing a fast game in the hot sun. I LOVE NETBALL!

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