Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Picnic Adventure

It was a early sunny day but then it turned dark and dripping down to earth was rain but after a while the hot sun raised and lite up the hole school and that showed a good sign that we were going to have the picnic.

“Ding, ding!” the bell rang the school gathered in and were organized for a fun adventure at the picnic. We arrived at the beach ready to have a spectacular time, it  was a beauty the shore was pimped and the water was clear. There were expressions about the beach and everyone wanted to have there freedom but not yet. Mr Burt had to explain Pt England about boundary rules and what we were aloud to do I had feeling it was going to be the best picnic.

Finally we were realised to go lurking to set bags, we found the place right under a enormous tree it was a pretty view with the water swishing up and down the shore. I was full with excitement, so instead of putting my bag down gently I chucked it and ran to the softball equipment. Time went past really quickly and it was coming to the end our fun. I also didn't get a chance to play any other sport because I to busy learning skills about softball. Mr Burt gathered the school in and was telling us we did great, we gathered our stuff and head back to school.

I was exhausted and hot and it was also going to be the end of the picnic. It turned out to be the best picnic ever and I LOVE PICNIC’S.

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