Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day1, My Two Precious Books

RING, RING!, the bell rang I quickly ran to my class and started of the line we waited patiently for our teacher and in the distance I spotted her. She walked towards to the door and opened it I asked her nicely “Do I and Brooklyn and Huelo-ata go to Mr Munik” she replied back “No we got duffy assembly”. I silently said YES! in my head and she told me that we were going to meet the Linda Vagana the netball star who plays for Silverfernz I was shocked that a famous person is coming like Mayor Len Brown did. We waited until it was time few minutes went by, we rushed up into a line and started to walk to the hall we sat down, after listening to thier stories Adian in my class and grabbed the box.

To Be Continued

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