Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camp Concert

We arrived at the hall all assembled in our team lines ready for our Camp Concert. I was really excited to see the other teams perform but on the other hand I had a nerve-wracking feeling to perform in front of them. The stunning and magnificent host that announced things was Mr Barks, but after welcoming the teams he announced the first crew to go on the stage to entertain the audience. The judges were April, Bruce and also Shatna, and the first crew to perform was Team Respect, my crew, and I was really not looking forward to it.

Walking up to the stage and hearing people yelling out my name, I silently tell myself to don’t be shy I waited until Chante, Aliza and Hainite to sing there lullaby, two minutes went by. Our song came up Countdown By Beyonce we ran to the stage and started dancing I was really into it but then it was over. Suddenly Super star started playing the boys came out posing like girls acting so funny they laughed and laughed at the boys after a while the boys had two turns posing the whole crew gathered and danced together.

We silently walked off the stage and assembled into our group lines, Mr Barks popped up and congratulated Vivienne for pegging a lot of tents and had little prizes and we earned a lot of points. After watching the group's perform we went back to our tents and got ready for a good night sleep.

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