Friday, May 18, 2012

Comparing And Contrasting 'The Weeping Woman' And 'A lazy day in paradise'

This week Mrs Lagitupu has given us a task to compare and contrast again but with different artist. ‘The Weeping Woman’ by Pablo Picasso and ‘A lazy day in paradise’ by Daniella Hulmes. Picasso style of art is Cubism. Hulmes likes things pacific and her style is modern.

Picasso’s painting ‘The Weeping Woman’ is very colourful. The model for the painting was Dora Maar, who was working as a professional photographer when Picasso met her in 1936. She was the only photographer allowed to document the picture while Picasso painted it in 1937. The main colour in his painting yellow and the rest is colourful. Picasso likes to look at his paintings in different perspectives. I don’t really like this painting but I think its good.

Daniella likes things pacific. Hulmes is a European who is married to a Samoan man. In her painting her main colour is blue and the rest is colourful. Daniella painting makes me bored and lazy and I really like it. She used bright colours and also pacific patterns which is cool. In all of her paintings she has the same hair style and same faces.

In both of the paintings it very colourful and bright. They both like using bright colours. In their painting they have angled shapes and cool patterns. They also had a mode on them when they were painting.

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