Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tamaki Tech

Next rotation baking class, lucky me. Eating delicious baking mmmm yummy in my tummy. Every Tuesday mornings, year 7’s go Tamaki Tech. Down at tech there's three different options, food, electronics and last but not less hard materials.

The group that I was in last term was ‘Hard Materials’ and we make things with timber that must have a Housing joint. My product I have been making is a ‘Key Holder’ for my parents. My project turned out fine and my parents also liked it. Throughout the term it has been really cool making and designing. Next rotation Mrs Heka’s cooking class food tech “YEAH”!.

This term the groups had to switch to a different class but it was a little bit tricky. Hard materials had to go to food tech, food tech had to go to electronics and electronics had to go hard materials. Some people got mixed up and went to the wrong classes and the teachers got grumpy. We arrived in front of Mrs Heka’s class door looking forward to cooking. Walking towards the door was Mrs Heka she opened the door and we lined up she told us instructions. But before we can cook she had to write our names down and introduce ourselves it was so funny. I had a BLAST! cooking, washing and eating our delicious and crunchy ‘Chunky Chocolate Cookies’.

At the end of our tech session we went 5 minutes early to grab our project we have been working on last term I had a ⅘ which was cool. I’ve develop new skills and it was fun working with my new rotation teacher.

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