Thursday, May 31, 2012

Australian Football League

We arrived on the courts ready to do AFL with two instructor named Sam AKA Samwich. He has been teaching us techniques. But when we arrived there was Room 14 sitting on the hard court as well. It was our first time at AFL for this year, but we had AFL last year in year 6 . At the session we learnt about drop pun but before we could learn about it, we had to get into partners. My partner was Shoal and we played a fun game.

My favourite game we played was ‘Flush the Toilet’ it was so funny. Some kids from room 20 joined us. I got tug a lot of times with the ball. I had fun but I only went to AFL once because I have been so busy with my weeks.

The last game we were playing was ‘Lions And Snails’ we had to kick it into the hoop or at one of the adults. I was a lion and Shoal was the snail. They were up first but they didn’t get any of the teachers or the netball hoop. It was our turn. I kicked it and it hit the netball post. “ YEAHH!” I had scored 3 points for our team.

After our game we sat down on the hardcourt and waited until our teacher, Mrs Lagitupu told us to stand up. But before we left we said thank you. It was a great experience and I also found out that AFL stands for Australian Football League. We lined up and walked quietly to the class to eat our lunch.

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