Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Athletics Day

It all started with a cold Thursday morning, the sun was out, the birds were tweeting. “ATHLETICS TODAY!” my brother shouts, “YAY!” I reply back. We arrived at school with our house colours TAINUI. I walked into the street where all the year eight’s and seven’s were. As I walked in I saw my good friend Vivienne. Every mornings my friends and I always walk around the school or stay in the street. RING, RING the bell rang. We all gathered onto the hard courts next to the pool. After listening to the instructions little Mr Jacobsen gave to us Athletics began.

Our first activity was Discuss with Mr Harris. After discus with Mr Harris, we move onto our other rotation which was High Jump with Miss King. High Jump was my favourite activity, I was the 2nd person to jump it was fun. Some people didn’t make it in and some did. On the 2nd jump nobody couldn’t jump the pole because it was too high, it was really disappointing.

We had finish doing high jump we went to Javelin with Mr Barks. For Javelin we use this spear to chuck and the person who gets furthest wins. I was coming 3rd but Nek Minute Stephanie beat me. Our next rotation was Softball, for softball you are throwing a ball as far as you could. The next rotation after softball was relays for fun. My favourite activity was the relays at the end of Athletics.

Athletics was fun and awesome, I loved it.

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