Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How To Make A Teddy Bear

2 piece of Fabric
Pins and Needle
1 set of teddy eyes
Small Fabric for the nose
Teddy bear tin plate
Glue gun


Step 1:
Before you do anything you need to plan out your teddy bear and sketch it all on a piece of paper. After planning you get a piece of cardboard and shape your teddy bear the way you like and thats a tin plate.

Step 2:
Your two coloured fabrics, then we get our tinplate that is shaped as a teddy bear.

Step 2:
We put the teddy bear tin plate on top of your two coloured fabric and trace the tin plate onto the fabric. After you have traced the tin plate onto the fabric you move on to the face.

Step 3:
For the face you will need eyes, nose and a mouth. So you glue the eyes onto the face with a glue gun and you do the same with the nose. With the mouth you will knit the mouth on.

Step 4:
Moving on to the body we have finished with tracing our teddy bear tin plate, now we need to knit it up.

Step 9:
Before knitting you need to leave a hole so we can insert the stuffing into the teddy bear. After knitting around the outside and leaving a hole, you're going to insert the stuffing into the teddy bear.

Step 10:
The teddy bear isn’t finished yet, if you want you can design some clothes for it or you can decorate it with some ribbons or polka dots.

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