Friday, November 30, 2012

Police Blue Light Disco

Last night was the blue light disco at the Pt England Hall. The Disco started at six pm until eight pm. I arrived at the footpath near the senior block, and on the way walking to the entrance I saw my best friend Makerita. She was walking with Jasmine and Tui. We walk through the entrance door and there standing next to the doors were Chante, Naomi, Dakota and Aliza. Before we walked into the disco we had to give our ticket that we brought with our Five dollars.

I walked into the hall and on the big screen was 'Police Blue Light Disco' I was excited. On the stage was Miracle as DJ and the prefects on the fall watching out for the kids. Everyone was inside the hall but before we were going to dance Mrs Tele'a gave us some instructions.

First song that played was Chris Brown - Go Away, which was my favourite song. Jay'lee and I danced so hard we were already tired. After a while we had a Limbo Challenge first was the year five and six, Winner of that competition was Jonathan  Next was the year sevens and eights, holding the stick was Joe and I, Winner of the competition was out of Samson and Nezinli.

My favourite part Dougie Challenge, everyone had fun and dougied well. After a few hours and minuets the lights turned on for our last songs. The last song was by T-Pain Church, I loved disco the best day ever.

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