Monday, December 10, 2012

My Future Career

For my future career I will like to be a Chef or Baker. Mostly I want to be a Baker because I love desserts and baking. I always bake at home all the time, and every time  I make new things the first person to try it, is my mum. I like to bake brownies mostly and my yummy cookies. If I was a chef I'll make my favourite Corn-Beef with rice 'Mm Yummy'. Sometimes for dinner my sister and I makes grilled chicken and mashed potatoes. My family loves my cooking and baking.

I also like to eat my cooking and baking. My favourite baking I ever baked was my Chunky brownies my family loves them too. My mother says I'm very good at baking and cooking and that I should keep it up. My mother will always beg for more and so I bake more to become complicated in baking. I LOVE to cook and bake and that's what I want to do for my career.

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