Thursday, December 6, 2012

Term 4 Reflection

This term I have enjoyed everything and being a great friend to 6 good friends. I have enjoyed having Mrs Lagitupu as my teacher she is the best and awesome also funny. Greatest memory at school was performing in front of the little kids for our PEPA production. School was awesome best part of school was seeing my friends and also seeing the teachers. I have tried my best to get into extension, and I tried my best to be a good role model to become prefect.

I have been experiencing photographer, videographer, coffee bristar, rainy day monitor, greeting visitors and also being a great student. I have also enjoy doing all sort of jobs for Mr Burt. I loved having a netbook around to do work on and create or research. Hope next year I do better and work harder to achieve my goals. I also will like to become a good role model to little kids so they can grow up to become good and successful.

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