Friday, December 14, 2012

2012 Senior Prize giving

Yesterday night was our '2012 Senior Prize giving', I received a letter saying I was getting a award. It was hot inside the hall Mr Burt announced what was going to happen.

The prize I was getting was 100% Attended coming school everyday. But unsuspecting I got two more prize's first one was for Netball Reps and second one for a good Hospitality. My mum gave me lollies lays and ten bucks, she was proud of me and I was proud of me too.

It was time for our performance, I stood on my spot waiting for the music. In the last song the year 7's smiled cheerfully and my mother gave me another lollies lay. After our performance it was the year 8's getting prize's. The people that got most prize's was Lepa To'a and Toreka Tele'a.

Next was the prefects for next year, first up was the boys. The boy prefects are Raenan, Crusader, Darius and Gabriel, the girl prefects are Makerita, Vivienne, Brooklyn and Shoal. Next year they will be doing disco's, socials and other activities. After the prize giving I congratulated them with a hug and handshake.

I got home and enjoyed my peaceful sleep for the next day of school. I also dreamed about the lollies I got in prize giving and also made some goals for next year. Which were to get more prize's so I can get more lollies.

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Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Mary

Congratulations for your awards! I enjoyed reading your post about prizegiving. You are a champion!