Friday, December 13, 2013

Day 1 At Keswick Camp

We arrive at school prepared to take a 4-5 hour bus trip to Rotorua. On the way to Rotorua we stopped at places to take a site walk or have lunch. After a long period of time in the bus we finally arrived at Keswick Christian Camp. Before we went lurking off we got told some information about Keswick.

The bus driver unpacked the bags out of his bus a minute later I see my bag. I run to my cabin dragging my bags, I get there and I’ve seen Serena and JayLee have begs there bed already, So I grab the lower bed of the bunk.

Mrs Langitupu walked and shouted “5 more minutes guys before we go on our walk”, we get into our shorts and trainers and run out and meet at our meeting place. We arrive at a public Nature Walk.

Apparently Mr Barks told us students that it will be a flat walk, Nek Minute as we got deeper into the bushes there were up hills and down hills “PMO” I shout. The walk took us about half an hour for all the students some were left behind and some were in front. It was a 4k Nature Walk it was frustrating and exhausting walk.

We got back to camp Keswick and had a shower and prepared ourselves for dinner. My highlight of day one was sleeping and my low light was the Nature Walk.

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