Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 Year Reflection

In the start of the year I met new friends Serena, JayLee, Alexandria, Jessica, Mary I, Caroline, Grace and Eleva. There always there for me when I need them and we always go to sports events with each other. Unfortunately this will be the Year 8’s last year at Pt England and I’m very disappointed that I’ll be leaving. We will be separated from each other but keep in touch with one another. Half of our friends are going Auckland Girls and the other half are going Tamaki College.

It was the best last year I got to hang with new people and involved in many sports.
This year has past by fast, my bond with my friends have been very strong, we go everywhere together. I’ve enjoyed every bit of this year, the company of my friends and the fun memories I’ve created here. I will miss Pt England, my friends and teachers. Pt England to the blood.

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