Friday, December 13, 2013

Year 8 Camp Highlights

My highlights of  camp was the Luge Rides, the Agrodome and the cabins. I loved Zooming down the hills and over taking my friends. The Agrodome was awesome learning more about sheep and what their abilities are. My cabin was like a kick back place with my friends, we will tell each other secrets,  mock eachother and make a lot of noise.

My lowlight of camp was the bad weather conditions, it rained nearly the whole time at camp except for when we arrived and left Keswick. I also had another low light of camp the long walks we will have, sorta did like it but the pathways were dirty and slippery.

I enjoyed every minute of camp and I do miss camp. I will like to go back someday with my family to visit. I recommend people who come from overseas to go to Rotorua theres a lot to explore, the Waiotapu Thermal Park, Agordome, The Luge, Blue Lake and many more.

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